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UA is committed to the Berlanga Centenary

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

The UA Club Film has programmed conferences, screenings and debates in Alicante, a series in Elda dedicated to the filmmaker and collaborations with the Film Festival and the Book Fair.

The UA Library exhibits online “100 años: Luis G. Berlanga”




Alicante. Tuesday, 25 May 2021

The next 12 June, film director Luis García Berlanga would be 100 years old. On the occasion of the centenary, the UA Film Club coordinated by Israel Gil, has programmed different activities around this event. The commemorative programme includes lectures, screenings and debates on the figure and work of Berlanga.

The first activity will take place on Friday 28 May, at 8pm., in collaboration with the Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture and will take place at the Book Fair, with the lecture “Bienvenido, míster Berlanga”, by Israel Gil (Espacio Séneca - Calle Portugal, 17).

On Tuesday 1 June, the Arniches Theatre will host the screenings of Plácido (5pm.) and La escopeta nacional (7.30pm.) with a presentation by Israel Gil, as part of the Alicante Film Festival programme. At the Arniches Theatre, UA lecturers Francisco J. Ortiz and Juan Antonio Ríos will also participate in the Film Festival with presentations of the screenings of Bienvenido Mr. Marshall (31 May at 7pm.) and La vaquilla (3 June at 7.30pm) respectively.

The Film Club has also designed a Film Series that will begin on 2 June, and it is focused on BERLANGA CENTENARY (1921-2021) , at the University of Elda. The series include 5 sessions with screenings and debate with free admission until full capacity is reached, and it has the collaboration of the Elda City Council and the Paurides González Videl Foundation. All the sessions will take place at 7pm.

The conference “Bienvenido, Míster Berlanga", by Israel Gil, on 2 June, will start the series, that will continue on 8 June with the screening and debate of "Bienvenido, Míster Marshall" (1953); “El verdugo” (1963) on 9 June; "La escopeta nacional" (1978) on 15 June and on 16 June, "La vaquilla" (1985). Every screening will have a presentation by the Film Club coordinator.

The activities for the Berlanga Centenary will be completed with the exhibition “100 años Luis G. Berlanga: muestra bibliográfica en línea” developed by The UA Library, through its Media Library and Art and Social Work Library. Bibliographic exhibition online.

The online exhibition shows a selection of films and books to borrow, as well as an interview made during the 7th San Sebastian Film Festival that is part of the sound collection of the UA website Devuélveme la voz. The exhibition “tickets” have the form of bookmarks, that evoke some of Berlanga’s most important films. These tickets can be obtained at the counters of the participating libraries. 


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