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University of Alicante begins the academic year with classroom-based attendance and strict measures to prevent contagion

In accordance with the protocol of the Regional Ministry of Health and the current epidemiological situation, students will attend classes normally, always wearing approved masks and greatest possible distancing

The new academic year begins on Monday 13th at the UA with 6,500 new students enrolled in the different degree courses

Hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene will be available for the university community and crowds will be avoided as much as possible in the busiest areas of the campus




Alicante, Friday 10 September 2021

The University of Alicante is preparing to start the new academic year with the aim of gradually going back to normal as it was before the pandemic and in accordance with the protocol established by the Regional Ministry of Health, which states that classroom-based attendance will be organised with the criterion of maximum student attendance provided the epidemiological situation is favourable. Provision will be made for students to maintain the greatest possible interpersonal distance, in accordance with the capacity and type of furniture in each classroom.

In this regard, the University of Alicante has published the instructions for the start of classes for students, teaching staff and administrative staff, which specifies that all students enrolled must attend in-person teaching both in theoretical and practical classes. It also states that seats will be occupied as far apart as possible, as far as the dimensions and furniture of the classroom allow and that the use of an approved face mask will be compulsory at all times inside the classroom and the rest of the university buildings.

In addition, the University will provided hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene and maximum ventilation of the classroom will be ensured. Similarly, crowds of people will be avoided as far as possible. To this end, the University will have the help of COVID assistants in the busiest places, such as the lecture halls, as was the case during last year's exams.

The University of Alicante Medical Service has drawn up a COVID protocol for the start of the academic year, which states, among other things, that any member of the university community affected by the virus or with confirmed close contact will not be allowed on campus and will have to contact the COVID-19 hotline to follow the protocol laid down by the health authorities.

As for the maximum capacity of the teaching space, namely classrooms and laboratories, it will be that which is stated in the corresponding technical sheets. Under no circumstances may these maximums be exceeded. The academic activity may be organised, in compliance with the requirements for the use of masks, in pairs of students, provided that there are no other alternatives that allow individual work in a way that is compatible with the criterion of maximum attendance.

The instructions also foresee that, in the event of not being able to attend class, students will have to request a curricular adaptation, in accordance with the established procedure and, in the case of teaching staff who accredit a situation of vulnerability, the University of Alicante will provide them with the necessary means to be able to carry out the teaching activity in the safest conditions for their health.

All information related to COVID-19, such as news and frequently asked questions, can be consulted on the institutional website of the UA coronavirus section.


New academic year

Around 6,500 students have enrolled to begin their degree studies at the University of Alicante.

At the moment, the faculties of Education and Health Sciences, as well as the School of Technology have filled all the places. However, the UA still offers the possibility of enrolling in some degrees with a few vacancies available in the following faculties: Science (undergraduate degree in Geology), Law (undergraduate degrees in Labour Relations and Human Resources and Public Management and Administration), Economic and Business Sciences (dual degree in Tourism and Business Administration) and Arts (Geography and Urban Planning, Humanities, Tourism, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Catalan Studies, French Studies and Translation and Interpreting (German and French).

You can consult this information in this link, which also includes the contact address to apply for a place in these degrees. Students can still enrol in the degree in Labour Relations in the University School of Labour Relations in Elda.

As for the most sought-after degrees, the degrees in Nursing, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and the degree in Primary Education, Early Childhood Education, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and the degree in Criminology (face-to-face), continue to occupy the top places.

As for the most sought-after degrees, the degrees in Nursing, in Physical Education and Sports Science and the degree in Primary Education, where there are still more than 1,000 applicants on the waiting list, followed by the degrees in Early Child Education, in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and the degree in Criminology (in-person attendance).

On the other hand, the highest cut-off marks are maintained in the dual degree in Law and International Relations and in the degrees in Physics and Nursing, all of them above 12, as well as in the degrees in Mathematics, Translation and Interpreting (English) and Biomedical Engineering, with cut-off marks very close to 12.

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