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Conclusions of the CRUE meeting with the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports

Alicante, 25th April 2012

The President of CRUE, Adelaida de la Calle, and the two Vice Presidents, Montserrat Casas and Juan Julia, have held a meeting today with the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports.

The University Presidents have transferred to the Minister their concern about the decree adopted by the Government, on Friday, 20th April, as well as about the statements about the role played by universities, which are key to the development of our country. They also lamented that the Government has not taken into account the universities opinion prior to the adoption of these measures.

 Given the current economic climate, we must ensure, now more than ever, public higher education accessible to all citizens regardless of their financial resources. For this reason, it is considered that for putting into operation the public pricing policy, the the following conditions should be previously met: implementation of a good system of scholarships and study grants, which functions properly and meets the criteria of equity, and that the price increase -in second and successive public registrations, which includes the Royal Decree-Law- be taken place gradually over time. In this regard, the Ministry has stated that all students eligible for a scholarship, will be entitled to receive it.

 The academic staff, who are also affected by the latest measures, see how their working conditions have been dimished and their commitment policy amended unilaterally. There is no discussion of the importance of research assessment, but it should be noted that this assessment has been so far, and continues to be, voluntary on the part of each teacher, and is not intended to discern whether they make research work or not, but to establish only the level. It should be remembered that the evaluation processes have been an important response in some scientific fields, with uneven results. Also, It should also be emphasized that these measures approved by the Government do not consider this group's commitments to the functions of administrative management and the knowledge transfer. This latter function is essential for the transmission of scientific and technological knowledge generated in universities to the social and productive sectors.

The Ministry has told the University Presidents that the academic staff commitment policy is being implemented and has asked the President of CRUE the relevant suggestions for improving the text, with regard to the phases of research, transfer as well as to academic and scientific activities.


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