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The UA shakes up the education system with the inauguration of the 1st MOOC on entrepreneurship in the Spanish language

Public and private institutions share a pioneering open and global model of education

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Family photo of participants in UniMOOC  Aemprende inauguration 


Alicante, 25th January 2013.

Learning in an open, flexible and adjusted to reality way, is the philosophy of Unimooc Aemprende opened this morning at the University of Alicante. A pioneer Mooc (massive open online course) in Europe, which already has nearly 11,000 students registered from 90 different countries. Promoted by the UA Institute for International Economics and conceived and directed by Professor Andrés Pedreño, relies on the commitment of public and private institutions such as the Conference of Spanish University Presidents (CRUE), Santander Universidades, Orbyt, the School for Industrial Organization, Google, the University of Murcia and the City Hall of Alicante, among others.

During the event, chaired by the UA President, Manuel Palomar and attended by representatives of the various institutions involved, everyone has agreed on "the pioneering nature of this first experimental MOOC in Spanish devoted to analyze successful cases of entrepreneurship in the new digital economics".  "This is a project that positions Spain as the first European country to launch a project Mooc" stressed Francisco Ruiz, Google's Director for Institutions and Public Affairs in Spain and Portugal.

An opportunity for students around the world to have access to top quality higher education endorsed by leading universities and companies, with the advantage of attending the course at any time, from anywhere in the world and with free access to a wide range of online resources (videos , documents, links, etc..).

Unimooc Aemprende allows us, in a tough economic situation, to strengthen the work of the Internet and ICTs as a driver of growth, and highlight the immense value of business success in Spain through the knowledge and experience of successful business to become a referent. An online course, which is massive and open to train our new entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the new-generation talent and fostering job creation.

The aim is to unite synergies for the new institutions to join this learning format in order to compete with large Anglophone universities leading these projects such as Stanford University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "This is a pilot project that focuses on innovation and democratization of education that supplemets university studies but, undoubtedly, presents a new pedagogical and global model", Pedreño has insisted during the opening ceremony of Aemprende Unimooc.

In relation to this new way of education, the UA President has assessed the union and complicity of all participating institutions and emphasized the idea of "the need for a change in education and knowledge management based on new technologies". In the UA, we are at the forefront, addressing methodological changes as the one we presnt today with this MOOC", he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Jose Manuel Moreno, Director-General for Santander Universidades, stressed that this course "opens the opportunity to test a method of great social impact that has met the objective of bringing the debate on MOOCs to all the institutions concerned with education".

As pointed out during the opening ceremony, one of the strengths of MOOCs is the various certifications that can be achieved with each of the modules taken and overcome. Currently, there are two types of certifications, the digital ones or badges awarded by the Institute for International Economics at the UA, and the other, which gives the CERTUNI through CRUE.

Those attending the opening ceremony are Sonia Castedo, Mayor of the City of Alicante, Carlos Castillo, Development and Employment councilor of the City of Alicante, Tomás Jiménez, Secretary of the CRUE's ICT sector and Director for Technologies at the University Murcia; Fernando Garrido, Manager of the School for Industrial Organization, María Ángeles Esteban, Vice President for Coordination and Communication of the University of Murcia, Andrés Torrubia, businessman and lecturer at Unimooc Aemprende, and Juan Ramón Gil, Director of Información paper. The attendance of the CRUE's President, Adelaida de la Calle and journalist Pedro J. Ramírez has not been possible for agenda reasons but have wished to project their own videos.

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Manuel Palomar finishing his inaugural speech at Unimooc Aemprende José Manuel Moreno, Director-General for Santander Universidades during his participation


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Statements by  Manuel Palomar   Statements by Andrés Pedreño

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