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Seven thousand secondary-education students will visit the University of Alicante from tomorrow onwards

Alicante, 20 January 2010

Around seven thousand students in the 2nd year of higher secondary from 118 schools in the province of Alicante will visit every Friday morning -from 21st January to 25th March- the University of Alicante’s campus within the visiting programme organized by this institution.

The main aim of these guided visits is to provide the students with the required information about the university facilities and as to to resolve any questions about access to higher education and the different study programmes available at the University of Alicante.

Both the Vice President for Student, José Vicente Cabezuelo, and the Director of the Secretariat for University Admissions, Enrique Herrero, are particularly pleased because this year they have had to increase the visits one more day due to the growing demand of the secondary education centres in the province Alicante and also those from the provinces of Albacete and Valencia.

In this sense, Enrique Herrero said that “thanks to the activities performed at the Student Information Office, the directors, deans, as well as those developed by the admission staff, the Library, Sports Centre, Museum and teachers -among many other collaborators- the number of secondary education centres participating in this initiative is growing every year”. The students’ main concerns during these visits are mostly referred to university entrance examination, study programmes and on-campus life.

Students coming from Advanced Specific Vocational Studies are particularly interested in those study programmes they can enter and how are entry requirements for them.

Guided tours are organized so that students can get to know the campus, making walking routes by distributing the groups according to their similarity in their study options, accompanied and guided by students from those options, who give them information in detail of these study programmes and the resources available for the students while they are visiting the faculties and colleges. Also, the tour is enriched by visiting the laboratories on science, materials, robotics, nursing and other buildings of interest. On the other hand, an informative talk is provided on the academic and administrative aspects related to admissions: entrance examinations, pre-registration procedures,  single district, open district, latest news and the structure of the study programmes. curriculum.

Enrique Herrero, underlines that all these measures “are very helpful for students not be afraid of the University environment and make a decision on what programme to study”.

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