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The Royal Academy of Medicine in Valencia awarded a prize to the University of Alicante's lecturer José Tuells for his research on Balmis

 Alicante, 21 January 2011

The lecturer at the University of Alicante, José Vicente Hernández Tuells, from the Department of Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and History of Science, has been awarded a prize by the Royal Academy of Medicine in Valencia.

Lecturer Tuells’ activity and research work "Escenarios vitales de Francisco Xavier Balmis (1753-1819), luces, sombras y precisiones de un viaje inacabado" have received this recognition from the Academy.


José Vicente Hernández Tuells

Lecturer Tuells has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from the University of Alicante and is an expert in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. At present, he teaches at the University of Alicante’s Department of Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine, Public Health and History of Science and is the Head of the Preventive Medicine Service at the Vinalopó Hospital in Elche.

For nearly 30 years, his career in the field of Public Health has been focused on areas of knowledge related to planning and management, health promotion, communication and health, epidemiology and vaccinology. He has held several technical and professional  positions related to the promotion of health, epidemiology and vaccine and has been the Director / Area Coordinator of Public Health.

His publications include numerous works in the field of "Vaccinology" and has participated in projects related to the line of "healthy public policies" coordinating or co-directing interventions on “healthy cities networks”, “safe communities”, “health surveys” or local and regional "health diagnosis and actions”.

In the line of “health promotion”, he has led and participated in interventions and research activities related to “traffic accidents in adolescents”, “smoking”, “climacteric beliefs model”, behaviours regarding screening programmes, as “early detection of breast cancer” or “prevention of melanoma”.  He has participated in 22 research projects funded by various governmental agencies (FISS, IVEI, IVESP, EVES, MEC, EU), all in the field of Public Health and mostly related to vaccines.

It is also the coordinator of the section History of Vaccinology, of the journal “Vacunas. Investigación y práctica”.

José Tuells has published several books: "BALMIS ET VARIOLA” ,“LA COLECCIÓN BALMIS DEL REAL JARDÍN BOTÁNICO” or “LOS TESTIMONIOS DE LOS EXPERTOS Y SU PARTICIPACIÓN EN LAS PRIMERAS CAMPAÑAS DE VACUNACIÓN ANTIPOLIOMELÍTICA EN ESPAÑA” and he is a member of several research groups “Balmis de Salud Comunitaria e Historia de la Ciencia” from the University of Alicante, Interuniversity Reserach Group (UMH, UV, UA, UCLM) on the “History of Poliomielitis in the 20th-century Spain” VACSATC Research Group (Vaccine, Safety, Attitudes, Training and Communication), from the European Commission, DG Sanco.

IN THE PHOTO: Jose Tuells collects the award from the President of the Royal Academy of Medicine, Professor Antonio Llombart Bosch


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