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The University of Alicante will promote new research on retinal degenerative diseases


Alicante, 16th January 2012

An agreement signed today will allow contact between researchers and patients affected by these diseases.

The University of Alicante's President, Ignacio López Jiménez Raneda and Germán López, Chairman of F.A.R.P.E (Spanish Federation for Retinitis Pigmentosa) and FUNDALUCE (Foundation for Fighting Blindness) have signed a socio-scientific collaboration agreement along with Manuel Palomar and Aránzazu Calzada, Vice Presidents for Research, Development and Innovation and for Institutional Relations, respectively.

The agreement is intended to contribute to social development of scientific projects and encourage the search for new research channels and technological, cultural and academic development in the field of retinal dystrophies and everything related to social development of charity projects in this area.

This has been stated by the UA lecturer responsible for the development of this agreement, Nicolas Cuenca Navarro, who has said that the goal of our research is focused on finding therapies for visual and retinal dystrophy, and thus, this agreement is a very important incentive".

Germán López stressed today that "although people leave, the institutions remain and with this agreement we will ensure the continuity of the collaboration". The University President has also had an impact on this line by stating that "with this agreement, we leave a work plan for the future, thanks to the powerful research groups which we count on in general and in this specific field in particular".

The UA's NEUROVIS Research Group (neurobiology of the visual system and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases), assigned to the Department of Physiology, Genetics and Microbiology, has large research experience in studying and treating eye diseases. On the other hand, F.A.R.P.E and FUNDALUCE are non-profit organizations that host associations of people affected by retinal degenerative diseases. With this union, the three institutions cooperate in the implementation of projects and scientific or social activities in this field, participate in conferences and researchers will be able to contact patients and those affected by these diseases.

On the part of the University. the person responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of this agreement will be lecturer Nicolas Cuenca Navarro, from the Department of Physiology, Genetics and Microbiology and on the part of F.A.R.P.E and FUNDALUCE, the person responsible will be Chairman, Germán López Fuentes.


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