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The UA organizes a cultural seminar devoted to women

Alicante, 29th February 2012

With writer Anna Moner, painter Cristina Escape, the figure of Olympe de Gouges and the concert Toca, toca en femení

The University of Alicante will devote the 1st of March to the cultural celebration of the International Women's Day. The marathon schedule will start at 9 am with a conversation with writer Anna Moner, winner of the Alicante Provincial Council's Enric Valor Award for her work Les mans the deixebla. The meeting will be in the Hall Fl/3-14M (third floor of the Faculty of Arts) and in it, the author will delve into the bowels of her novel, which set in the eighteenth century, focuses on the interrelation that a prestigious Italian surgeon establishes with Brunela, his assistant and pupil.

Just an hour later, at 10 am, at the Aifos Hall, the Catalan artist, Cristina Escape will attend the opening of her exhibition entitled L’essencial és invisible. The event will include the intervention of the lecturer in sociology at the UA, Juan Antonio Roche, who will be responsible for introducing the author and further analysis of her work. With over ninety individual and collective exhibitions in her career, Escape is one of the most recognized artists of the current Spanish scene. In her works, her thoroughness is seen in the analysis of the surrounding reality from closer observation and recreation of the most personal memoir. The result is a work full of symbolism where earth colors, especially ochre, help build a personal atmosphere and a very personal style that has the critical acclaim.

The cultural seminar is retaken in the evening at the Venue in Alicante which will recover the figure of one of the most important women in international politics: the French revolutionary Olympe de Gouges, who is the author of the drafting of the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen. With the title of Olympe de Gouges or the passion to exist, the playwright and poet from Alicante, Margaret Borja will present her latest work, which compiles texts of different authors on this key figure in world history. Authors like Diana Raznovich, Laura Borras, Oliva Blanco Corujo, Dora Sales and Mª Ángeles Grande offer through this work, a plurality of looks from both the point of view of theatre and contemporary feminism. The Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen, published in 1791, was one of the earliest historical documents proposing the emancipation of women in the sense of equal rights and women's legal equality, which testifies to the historical relevance of its creator. The book will be launched at 8.15 pm and will be attended by representatives of the academic, politic, social and cultural life of Alicante, among them, the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno.

The cultural celebration will conclude at the University of Alicante's Hall of Residence with the concert Toca, toca en femení, with the performances of Safree, the female solo winner of the latest edition of the Music Competition of the University of Alicante's Secretariat of Culture, and Arenae music group, pertaining to the registration of groups emerging from the University of Alicante. The concert will start at 8 pm. Admission is free by invitation which can be collected in advance at the Campus of San Vicente's Aifos Hall.

Rosana Martinez Navarro, known artistically as Safree, begins to write her lyrics in 2003 and after several tries into the world of music with known music groups from Alicante, she began her solo career in 2009 with songs like "Deja que fluya" or "Escenario de papel" In September 2011, she presented "Distrito Medianoche" and won the Music Emerging Group Competition from the UA Cultural Secretariat. She is currently recording "Monocromántico".

Arenae is a pop-rock music group from Alicante who, with touches and nuances from different styles, have created their own sound. The group was born in 2009 and so far, they have performed about 90 concerts in theatres, pubs, festivals, parties and charity events, in both acoustic and electric formats. Among other awards, they have been semifinalists in the Acoustic Competition of Ibi (Alicante, 2011) and finalists at the Wolfest Music Festival (Madrid, 2011).


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