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Iván Sempere, new Chairman of Fundeun


Alicante, 9th February 2012

Sempere stands in for Eliseo Quintanilla after 19 years of service

The University of Alicante's President has introduced in a press conference this morning the businessman and UA professor Ivan Sempere as the new chairman of the Enterprise and University Foundation of Alicante. FUNDEUN convened its board of trustees to elect a new board of directors, in which an only candidature was submitted to replace the previous board chaired by Eliseo Quintanilla, who has served as chairman of FUNDEUN for 19 years. After the voting session, the chairmanship went to Ivan Sempere Massa the Chair, representative of PADIMA.

In his first speech as chairman, Ivan Sempere has stated today that he is "a firm believer that the solution to the economic paralysis passes through an entrepreneurial attitude and that the University is the necessary tool to bring innovation to the business sector". Sempere has continued asserting that "we as organizations and institutions, both public and private, have a big challenge to exercise a free, austere, serious and rigorous self-management. We are required to coordinate each other, because it does not leave much room for mistakes".

 The already chairman has explained that he will start his term of office making a deep internal analysis because “before the new scenario, it is neccessary to innovate inside so as to innovate outside”. Finally, Sempere has pledged his commitment for the promotion of the enterprenurial attitude among the students “which has been limited in the recent years" and for "strengthening  the way towards the enterprise-university merger".

The University President, Ignacio Jimenez Raneda, on his part, wanted to highlight his satisfaction of having a chairman like Ivan Sempere "with momentum, who is strongly committed to innovation, apart from knowing, being part and appreciating the University of Alicante". The University President has also wanted to recognize the work that Eliseo Quintanilla has developed in front of Fundeun for the past 19 years.

During the presentation, the following authorities have been present, the Vice Presidents for Institutional Relations, Aránzazu Calzada, Research, Development and Innovation, Manuel Palomar, Economic Planning, Begoña Subiza, Planning Studies, Joaquin Marhuenda, the University Registrar, Nuria Fernandez, Manager of Fundeun, Isabel Obrador and the University Social Council Secretary, Luis Ramos, as well as lecturers from the Department of Commercial and Procedural Law, Ivan Sempere, José Asencio and Esperanza Gallego, and the lecturer in Philosophy of Law and Procedural Law, Manuel Desantes.



Chairman: IVÁN SEMPERE (PADIMA) – lecturer at the UA Department of Commercial and Procedural Law.

As the Vice Chairman, the UA President, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda (Deputy Vice Chairman), Rosa Ana Perán Bazán –representative of PIKOLINOS (2nd Vice Chairwoman) and César Quintanilla Ripoll- representative of QPHARMA (3rd Vice Chairman). Magdalena Quintanilla Ripoll (non trustee member) will act as the Secretary, and Juan A. Porto Blanes- representative of the Group ITEM will be the Treasurer. 

The following boardmembers complete the elected candidature:

- Ricardo Ferré Alemán. Ex officio members (Chairman of the UA Social Council)

- Juan Carlos Gómez Sala, Director of the UA Department of Financial Economics

- Vicente Gozalvez Pérez, Director of the UA Department of Humana Geography.

- Miguel Yus Astiz, Instituto Universitario de Síntesis Orgánica de la UA.

- INESCOP, Representado por D. José Mª Amat

- COEPA representada por D. Javier López Mora

- Juan Ferrer Marsal, en su propio nombre

- AQUAMI representada por D. Juan Amirola Campa


- OBRADOR Y VÍTORES, representada por Antonio Obrador Medina


Breve currículum de Iván Sempere:

Empresario (socio de PADIMA y otras empresas) y profesor de derecho mercantil de la UA, de la Academia Europea del Derecho, de FUNDESEM y otras escuelas de negocios. Ha sido hasta Diciembre de 2010 Presidente de YES (Confederación Europea de Jóvenes Empresarios); Actualmente es Presidente de la Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales de CIERVAL (Confederación Empresarial de la Comunidad Valenciana) y miembro de la Junta Directiva de COEPA (Confederación Empresarial de la Provincia de Alicante). Es también autor de múltiples publicaciones y libros en materia de innovación y emprendimiento y ha sido galardonado con diversos premios como “joven del año” en 2005 por la Excelentísima Diputación de Alicante y el Mérito CIERVAL al Joven Emprendedor Innovador en 2011 con motivo del 30 aniversario de CIERVAL .


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