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The Health Department and the University of Alicante collaborate so that students can complete their training at public health centres

* The new agreement extends the partnership to research and academic activities

* It will affect about 600 students of Nursing and Nutrition

* Medical personnel will have to combine their schedule with healthcare services and faculty work



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Alicante, 24th July 2012

 The University of Alicante's President, Manuel Palomar and the Regional Minister of Health, Luis Rosado, have signed on the campus of San Vicente del Raspeig this morning a collaboration agreement for the use of institutions and health centrer for teaching, care and research purposes in the area of Health Sciences. The agreement affects all the centres run by both the Department of Health and the Valencia Health Agency and one of its main features is that for the first time, it conforms to the parameters required by the European Higher Education Area, by which it includes research, teaching and training and the regulations extends to the whole practicum framework of present and future study programmes connected with the University of Alicante's Faculty of Health Sciences. So far, the only existing regulation was affecting the clinical practice of the students registered in nursing studies.

 Thus, from the academic year 2012/2013, about 600 nursing students (400 distributed in the 2nd and 3rd year) and nutrition (200 distributed in the 2nd and 3rd year) in graduate, master’s and doctoral programmes are able to perform practical training mainly in the Departments of Health and Public Healthcare Centres in the province of Alicante.

 The University of Alicante’s President, Manuel Palomar, has qualified the agreement as "essential" for the training of future graduates in health sciences, "as it ensures the participation and knowledge of students in the health system in Valencia in both teaching and research”. According to Palomar, "the commitment to quality training and cutting-edge research is evident" with this signature.

 The Minister for Health, Luis Rosado, stressed the importance of this agreement, because "the Department has always shown great interest in contributing actively to the training of health professionals at all levels, from vocational training to doctorates, graduate and master’s programmes”.

Thus, the use of facilities and health centers will focus on teaching and clinical work, but special attention will be paid to research students of Nursing and Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Alicante and the figures of associate professor, tutor of practices and related spaces.will be regulated.

There will be Health Departments in Alcoy, Alicante, Denia, Elche, Vinalopó, Elda, Marina Baixa, Orihuela and Torrevieja Sant Joan, as well as Public Health Centres of Denia, Alcoy, Marina Baixa, Sant Joan, Elda , Alicante, Elche and Orihuela the places where these practices will take place. However, collaboration may be established with other institutions and centres through an addendum to this agreement, once approved by the Joint Commission.


Welfare, teaching and research for excellent healthcare

The Minister for Health stated that "in order to have an excellent health, health professionals must have a balanced training in three areas: welfare, teaching and research, as they are the three pillars of the same institution, health". For this reason, the Department ensures the compatibility of teaching and clinical work of professional teachers, and, meanwhile, the University convened the vancant posts for associate lecturers as needed.

Collaboration in teaching is specified in the syllabus, theoretical and practical credits by the students of the University through placements performed in institutions, health centres and health centers.

This collaboration is provided for the training of UA students from the UA in any of the graduate, master's and doctoral programmes in Health Sciences, as well as in the UA Diploma and Postgraduate Programme. Furthermore, collaboration is also embodied in the contract of associate lecturer in Health Sciences among health-care professionals from institutions, health and social centres when welfare, teaching and research needs as required.

Similarly, in the welfare field, we are looking to cooperate in research and teaching university in Health Sciences can be used for continuous improvement of health care while preserving the function unit care institutions. Likewise, we also want to develop lines of constant improvement in the areas of knowledge that support and logistical support to the exercise of clinical activity. And potential professionals dedicated to the activities covered by this agreement to combine their teaching with clinical activity.


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