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A Seminar on international adoption at the University of Alicante gets together research groups, parents and adopted children




Alicante, 14th June 2011

Spain has become the second country in the world in international adoptions, a position that has been achieved in a short time, since up to half of the nineties this option did not acquire true weight. International adoption today in Spain has increasingly impacted on Spanish families.

Adoption, adoptees and adoptive families is the seminar held at the University of Alicante on 16th and 17th June 2011 and was founded with the goal of the sharing of advances in research carried out by three R & D + i research groups from different national universities centered on international adoptions. The team at the University of Alicante has been coordinated by Ph.D. in Sociology María José Rodríguez Jaume, focused on the sociological approach, the Pontifical University of Comillas’, directed by Ana Berástegui, which develops both the psychological and legal approach, and the group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, led by Diana Marre, which researches into the anthropological perspective of adoptions. The meeting also seeks the participation of parents and adopted children.

The contents of the seminar will be divided into three sessions: the first, on Thursday morning , 16th June, is devoted to the adoptive family, the second –in the afternoon session- will be focused on the adoption process and the last meeting -on Friday, 17th June- will delve into childhood and the adopted child. The seminar has three plenary lectures given by specialists. Sociologist and demographer at the CSIC, Teresa Castro, will give the lecture “La adopción en el mundo: una mirada desde la demografía” (Adoption in the world: a look at the demographics" on Thursday morning. In the afternoon session of the same day, Anne Cadoret, an anthropologist at the Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, will discuss the dual parenting, biological and adoptive, in “El niño adoptado y el parentesco contemporáneo: la cuestión de la doble pertenencia” (The adopted child and contemporary parenting: the question of dual membership). Iván Rodríguez, a sociologist specialized in childhood, from the University of Huelva, will close the encounter with “El valor contradictorio de la infancia en el contexto de la posmodernización familiar española: apuntes sobre una tensión discursiva” (Contradictory value of childhood in the context of the Spanish family postmodernization: Notes on a discursive tension).

The event complements its activities with a discussion panel involving representatives of associations of adoptive families, of adopted children, of collaborating institutions in international adoptions (ECAIs), supporting centres for adoption and post-adoption, adoptive parents and adopted children.

María José Rodríguez Jaume, coordinator of the UA research group “Población, Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo” (Population, Environment and Development) will present her contribution to the seminar, “Encuesta sobre las familias adoptivas y sus estilos de vida” (Survey on adoptive families and their lifestyles). It is a national survey aimed at parents who have completed an international adoption process. The survey is part of the R + D + i  project “El baby boom de las adopciones internacionales en España. Una investigación sociológica sobre las familias adoptivas y sus estilos de vida” (The baby boom in international adoptions in Spain. Sociological research on adoptive families and their lifestyles) that she coordinates. She explained that due to international adoption <<the social change that has occurred in the family is spectacular. There have been two major transitions around the family, one is the change in the way of establishing a family and, the second, the change in the way we determine parentage, which no longer passes through a biological parentage. This breaks many social values and normative principles governing family life>>.

The closing ceremony will be on Friday,  17th June, 1 pm with the participation of Carolina Garcia Martinez, director of the Directorate-General for Family Affairs in the Region of Valencia.

The Seminar will be held at the Faculty of Economics’ Assembly Hall the first day and at the Auditorium of the Polytechnic College IV, on Friday.


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