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The Vargas Llosa Chair has been created

Alicante, June 28, 2011

It is an initiative of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, met at the University of Alicante to approve the creation of the Vargas Llosa Chair, an academic project that aspires to become one of the most prestigious and innovative projects in the Spanish and Latin American university settings. .

The Chair faculty will be made up of university lecturers, novelists, essayists, poets, journalists, literary critics and personalities from the cultural world who will participate in lectures, reading and writing workshops, seminars on international news and ideas of our time, on-site plenary lectures and on-line activities. It will have a space available on the Internet Web that the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library Foundation itself will develop and provide information on these activities and documents related to the trajectory of Mario Vargas Llosa and vital cultural context.

Led by writer Juan Jesús Armas Marcelo, the Academic Council of the Vargas Llosa Chair is made up by Milagros del Corral, Chair of the UNESCO Focus 2011's Scientific Committee and former Director of the National Library of Spain, Jorge Edwards, Chilean writer, Ambassador to Chile in France, Inger Enkvist, Swedish Hispanist, expert in the work of Vargas Llosa, from whom she has translated many works, Emiliano Martínez Rodríguez, President of Santillana publishing firm, Darío Villanueva, Secretary of the Royal Spanish Academy and Director of the of the Cervantes Foundation's Scientific Council, Federico Ysart, from the Botin Foundation, and Manuel Bravo, Director-General of the Cervantes Foundation.

Symbol of the Hispanic culture

Ignacio Jimenez Raneda, University of Alicante's President and Vice Chairman of the Virtual Library Foundation, has stated that the relevance of Mario Vargas Llosa is beyond the scope of the Arts: "He is a symbol of the Hispanic and universal culture, and the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature last year has helped him to enhance his status as a first-line intellectual figure at a time of expansion and global recognition of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, as technology and communications offer new opportunities and challenges".

The Vargas Llosa Chair is a joint initiative of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library Fundación and the Spanish and Latin American universities that have granted the Nobel Prize winner the degree Honoris Causa Doctor or other relevant distinctions. The project is also open to participation by other universities and cultural and educational institutions, as well as by Spanish and Latin American companies.




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