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The University of Alicante presents the Juan Andrés Prize on Essay & Research in Human Sciences to José Luis Villacañas



Alicante, 15th June 2012

The winner launched the creation of the Valencian Library of San Miguel de los Reyes and the Digital Library Saavedra Fajardo during his time as Director-General of the Book.

The Research Group on Humanism Europe, at the University of Alicante, has awarded the 3rd Prize to Juan Andrés on Essay & Research in Human Sciences to Professor of Philosophy Jose Luis Villacañas, for his work entitled "Dificultades con la Ilustración" (Difficulties with the Enlightenment).

The Award ceremony took place yesterday at the Bancaja Cultural Centre and was attended by Jorge Olcina, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Javier Portús, who will present his work as last year's winner, and Miguel Catalán, as the guest speaker.

With the winning work, Villacañas examines the fundamentals and the current problems of the evolution of enlightened ideas, and makes considerable progress in the current response to one of the major approaches of European thought in recent decades.

The Award is an intellectual and scientific recognition that does not include economic endowment. It involves the publication of the work by the publishing firm Verbum,  in a collection directed by the Director of the Research Group, Pedro Aullón de Haro, Professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the UA Faculty of Arts.


José Luis Villacañas

Born in Ubeda (Jaén) in 1955. He is currently a Professor of History of Spanish Philosophy at the Complutense University (since 2009). He also served as Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Murcia and a lecturer at the University of Valencia. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Valencia. Philosopher, politician and historian of political ideas and concepts. Expert scholar of German philosophy and political thought in Europe. Kantian training. He is the author of thirty books, including predominantly the German Idealism. He has made two important contributions as a builder and cultural manager:

- The creation of the Valencian Library of San Miguel de los Reyes, as Director General of the Book of the Valencian Government (1999-2003)

-The creation and management of the Digital Library Saavedra Fajardo on Hispanic Political Thought.

Miguel Catalán González

Miguel Catalan Gonzalez was born in the city of Valencia in  1958.En 1984, he completed his doctoral thesis on the moral theory of American pragmatist John Dewey, to be published later with the title "Pensamiento y acción", his first book. After a few years teaching as a secondary school teacher, in 1993, he pass on to university teaching as a lecturer in the ethics of information at the University Cardenal Herrera. Catalan continues with his teaching activity at the Faculty of Information Sciences at this University.

Both test works and fiction, Catalan investigates human nature from a perspective that we call indirect or negative, based on his interest in error, deception and illusion.

After publishing “Diccionario de falsas creencias”, his -perhaps- best known book, he publishes a comprehensive treaty on deception and lies entitled “Seudología”, which so far has published the first three volumes. The first of these three works, El prestigio de la lejanía. Ilusión, autoengaño y utopía (The prestige of the distance. Illusion, delusion and utopia), won the Juan Gil-Albert Prize on Essay and then, Crítica Valenciana. The second volume, Antropología de la mentira (Anthropology of lies), which won the Alfons el Magnànim Prize on Essays, exposes the anthropological roots of the arts of deception from the dimensions of language, intelligence and freedom of the human choice. The third volume, Anatomía del secreto (Anatomy of secrecy), studies the defensive deception  of individuals before the need of the social group to control the behavior of its members. In the section of Fiction, he has published the novels Te morirás sin saberlo and El último Juan Balaguer, , with which he won the Valencian Critics Award. The books of short stories Sólo por si acaso and Breve historia, among other titles, that challenge the boundaries between genres, as the book of paradoxes El sol de medianoche or El manuscrit cremat, originally published in Catalan.




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