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Increase in the number of students registered for University Entrance Examination at the UA, which start on Tuesday


Alicante, 8th June 2012

University Entrance Examinations

Leaflet 2012

FQAs on University Entrance Examinations

The University of Alicante's Entrance Examinations will be held on 12th, 13th and 14th June 2012 with 3,535 students registered and eleven examination boards. Once the deadline for registration has been closed, the data reveal that 2,091 women and 1,444 men have registered, 99% of those registered in the general phase of the Entrance Examinations, 3,077 students, will also perform the specific phase. The remaining 458 students who have registered in the specific phase are students who already have approved entrance examinations and are re-sitting to increase their grades in specific subjects. Also, students from upper levels of vocational training who sit in order to reach the 14 on their scores..

At the University Venue in Alcoy, the examination boards 10 and 11 will examine 437 students, 274 women and 163 men coming from secondary centres from Alcoy, Cocentaina, Muro de Alcoy and Banyeres de Mariola. In this Venue, 369 students from the general phase and 68 from the specific phase will sit the examinations. 392 students come from secondary education while the remaining 45 come from vocational studies.

Entrance Examinations at the UA will be held on 12, 13 and 14 June 2012 with 3,535 registered and eleven examination boards. The structure of these entrance tests was modified in the academic year 2009-10. The new Entrance Examinations consist of two parts: the general phase and the specific phase. The first one is mandatory and will be developed during the morning session of the 12th and the first hours in the morning on 13th and 14th June, and will be focussed on four core subjects which are Castilian, Valencian, Foreign Language and History of Philosophy or History of Spain, and a subject to be chosen by the candidate. The specific phase is voluntary and allows students to improve the final grade for admission to higher education. The score obtained in this second part will only give extra-credit if the student is going to register in a degree in which the subject is related to the studies to be taken.

 The University Entrance Examinations of June 2011 allowed the students of vocational training the ability to perform the specific phase, which is voluntary to increase the score. So now, they can reach 14 points instead of the 10 points allowed in the past regulations.

As for the origin of the examinees, 3,277 come from secondary education, while 258 from upper levels of vocational studies. In 2010, no student from vocational studies registered in the University Entrance Examinations since they were allowed to reach the score of 14 without taking the exams.

The Entrance examinations to the University June 2012 have nearly 250 teachers, both from the university and from secondary schools, in the examination boards serving as presidents, secretaries and members, plus about 30 people from administration and management to manage the tests. All these professionals will be distributed in the eleven examination boards, nine of them spread in the lecture buildings I and II of the campus of San Vicente del Raspeig, while the remaining two are located at the secondary education centres of Alcoy, Cotes Baixes and Andreu Sempere.

Enrollment figures in the last two editions of June, 2010 and 2011, years that coincide with the change in the structure of the tests, effective academic year 2009-10, yielded the sum of 2,881 students in total by June 2010 with 1,738 women and 1,143 men, of whom only 62 were examined in the specific phase. Last 2011, entrance examinations at the UA received 3,258 students in June, with 1,961 women and 1,297 men of the total. Of these, 364 people made the specific phase. Of the total of 3,258 students, 3,058 were from secondary education, while 200 belonged to students in vocational training.

 The test results will be published on Thursday 21 June. The consultation notes, claims processes and second review may be made through the student portal.


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