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The regular meeting of the Universities Council has been held

Madrid, 1st June 2012

The Spanish University Presidents have met this morning at a regular meeting of the Universities' Council, chaired by the Secretary of State for Education, Vocational Training and Universities, Montserrat Gomendio.

Today's meeting, which has been held in an atmosphere of cordiality and dialogue, has dealt -among other things- with the regulation of the academic requirements for the granting and renewal of grants, the deferral of the foreign language oral test in the University Entrance Examinations and the recognition of the academic level of the Master's programme included in the Graduate Programme in Medicine.

With regard to the draft Royal Decree establishing the thresholds of income and family assets and the amounts of scholarships for the academic year 2012-2013, the University Presidents have reported unfavorably on this point.

The draft Royal Decree amends the achievement levels for a scholarship by requiring, among other changes, students to accredit a note of 5.5 to have access to a general scholarship and  6.00 to get a salary scholarship. In this case, passing 100 percent of the credits is required to maintain it, except for technical study programmes or architecture and engineering, in which 85 percent of the credits should be approved.

The Chairwoman of the CRUE, Adelaida de la Calle, explained at a press conference that "we do not agree with this decree because we think it will affect the economy of families, who are already suffering very difficult circumstances".

The Chairwoman explained that "in the case of salary scholarships, this further undermines the poorest incomes since they will apply more stringent conditions". Also, she has stated that this Royal Decree is presented "at a very inappropriate moment to modify the students' behavior".

Regarding the rest of the points provided in the Agenda, those who required a report, have been reported favorably and for the remaining points, there was an agreement, except for paragraphs 6.2 and 6.3, which have been withdrawn from the Agenda by the decision of the Chairwoman of the Universities' Council, Montserrat Gomendio.

Extraordinary Meeting to deal with the Royal Decree on adjustments in Education

The University Presidents have attended this meeting following the decision of not attending the Council envisaged for 23rd May, since they have understood that the call did not address the request made the University Presidents of convening a special meeting to discuss the Royal Decree-Law 14/2012, 20 April, on urgent measures to rationalize public spending in education.

Prior to this meeting, the call for holding the special meeting requested by the Universities' Council was already known. This session will be held on 7th June and it will be chaired by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, José Ignacio Wert.

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