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Exhibition on women in transition

exhibition on women in transition


Alicante, 17 March 2011

On Tuesday, 22 March, at the Naias Hall of the University of Alicante's Museum (MUA), the Exhibition “Mujeres de la Transición” will be inaugurated.

“Mujeres de la Transición” is one of the first results of disseminating and academic nature of the research project «Haciendo Historia: Género y Transición en España». Performed in direct collaboration with the Democracy Archive, the MUA, the Women's Studies Centre and the General Foundation's Image Workshop of the University of Alicante, it is intended to contribute to strenghtening a civic and democratic collective memory in which women are not absent.

The UA President will open the exhibition and the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno, and the Director of the Project, Nieves Montesinos, will particpate. Afterwards, the curators Mar Esquembre and Mónica Moreno will conduct a guided visit.

The research project «Haciendo Historia: Género y Transición en España» (fiunded by MICINN), has the aim of contributing to help women pass from the historiographic and political discourse periphery to a main position, along with men. Recovering the experiences of women who lived during the Spanish Transition allows the integration -through forgotten voices- of other approaches leading to a better understanding of our immediate past as well as of our present reality.

The research group is made up by the lecturers Nieves Montesinos Sánchez, Mar Esquembre Valdés, Helena Establier Pérez, Carmen Mañas Viejo and Mónica Moreno Seco, with the technical collaboration of Mariló Berenguer Ros, member of the Image Workshop (FGUA) and the person responsible for the performance of the audio visual document which is part of the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public up to 4 June 2011.

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