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The University of Alicante creates a new firm based on the mass production of insects from the processing and transformation of organic waste



Alicante, 12th March 2012

Artificial breeding and mass production of insects, by processing waste and organic products, is the goal of the firm BioFlyTech SL, a new company emerged from the University of Alicante, which has been set up to commercialize some of the results derived from projects and research experience developed by the UA Research Group "Bionomics, Systematics and Applied Research in Diptera and Hymenoptera insects". The group is coordinated by lecturer Santos Rojo Velasco and is attached to CIBIO Research Institute.

The technology applied by BioFlyTech, is inspired by the processes of biodegradation and transformation of organic matter occurring in natural ecosystems. It uses biological principles for the controlled development of insects, and thus, achieving the artificial breeding and mass production of larvae by bio-transformation of organic products and waste. The end result is a system economically and ecologically sustainable, to obtain wide array of products and services economically and environmentally recoverable.

The shareholders of this new company are composed of biologists with large experience in research on species of diptera (flies) saprophytic (decomposers), and in particular farming and mass production. Their participation in various research projects, both national and international, has allowed them to get a technology that enables the controlled breeding and the massive development of fly larvae on different types of organic substrates (or artificially modified), allowing the process to apply industrial scale, fulfilling the law applicable to mass rearing of insects. The firm maintains in its facilities the continued rearing of different species and geographic varieties, selected for mass production.

The main business lines BioFlyTech include: the biodegradation of organic waste and byproducts of the food industry, the production of organic humus used as quality agricultural fertilizer and mass production of insects and larval biomass.

In this last section, the goal is to turn the company into a leading firm with innovative products and the development of alternative pollinators for being used in nurseries and greenhouses, or large-scale production of larval biomass for use in the production of compound feed in livestock and aquaculture. Other existing markets such as feeding pets, bait fishing production or production of larvae for therapeutic medical use, will also be addressed.

BioFlyTech is a clear example that the university-industry binomial is a springboard for innovative projects, and under the University of Alicante, has become the pole capable of driving a leap from the business world, especially in a period marked by economic crisis. The value of the project has been recognized by obtaining several awards from prestigious institutions such as the Club Rotary Alicante-Puerto, New Business Ideas Fudeum Award and the University of Alicante Impulso Award.

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