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UA Impulso Awards give prizes to seven ideas and techology-based business projects


Alicante, 14th March 2012

A total of seven proposals between ideas and technology-based business projects have received today the University of Alicante's Impulso Award, in its second edition. The UA President, Ignacio Jimenez Raneda and the Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation, Manuel Palomar, have released the names of the winners during the awards ceremony held this morning on campus.

The jury for the Second Edition of the Impulso Awards has been given three awards in the category "IDEA" (3 prizes of €1,000) to:

Vision and multimedia in mobile devices

Kenilworth Project

Hermetia Illucens: a solution for hazardous waste management in the footwear industry

And four awards in the category TECHNOLOGY-BASED BUSINESS PROJECTS (4 prizes of €3,000) to:

Project aimed at offering solutions to the problem of thermal management of electronic systems by the use of novel composite materials

NANOSHAPES. Preparation of metal nanoparticles with controlled form

Performance and Analysis Sports Lab (KineticLab)

Gas to Materials Technologies (G2MTech)

The Impulso Awards recognize entrepreneurship in science and technology and innovative business ideas and projects arising from research activities of the University of Alicante. These awards were born in order to promote the creation of technology-based companies as a means to move the research made at from the University to the business sector.

In the speech given today by the University of Alicante's President, Ignacio Jimenez Raneda, he wanted to highlight the work of the winners and said that "these initiatives should be an encouragement to other research groups at our university, especially in present times.

Meanwhile, the Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation, Manuel Palomar, highlighted "the need to support such initiatives promoting the creation of technology-based companies from thethe University which are destined to become the basis of productive change as necessary".

Technical Abstract of the winning ideas and projects



1- Visión and multimedia in mobile devices

The project presented by the group Mobile Vision Research Lab, falls within the field of Computer Vision, and proposes the design and construction of systems that are able to interpret what they are "seeing" through one or more cameras. Over recent years, the project members have worked on projects for recognition and object detection, location and mapped simultaneously or pattern recognition, among others.

(Pablo Suau Pérez, Miguel Ángel Lozano Ortega, Boyán Ivanov Bonev, Francisco Escolano Ruiz, Juan Manuel Sáez Martínez, Antonio Peñalver Benavent)


2- Kenilworth Project

Kenilworth Project aims at the characterization and development of a configuration of the bilipidic membrane by an artificial gel. The objectives of the construction of the membranes are the applications of electrochemical biosensors with commercial development in the future of the devices. KENILWORTH project aims at providing new approaches and ideas on how to overcome and improve some of the main features expected of a biosensor such as reproducibility and stability. (Jesús Iniesta Valcárcel, María Gómez Mingot, Leticia García Cruz, Alicia Gomis Berenguer, Ariadna Brotons Cuevas, Carlos Manuel Sánchez Sánchez)


3- Hermetia Illucens: a solution for hazardous waste management in the footwear industry.

They present an innovative idea and ecological alternative for the management and reduction of heavy metals that are used for the treatment of leather tanning. The idea is based on the use of the digestive activity of the larvae of Diptera Hermetia illucens, which causes the elimination of a major part of the level of heavy metals from the skin, transforming them into larval biomass. Furthermore, the metals remaining in the medium after digestion, have been modified to cleaner states, facilitating their biodegradation with other biological treatments. This is an example of application of biotechnology based on the biodecomposing activity of certain Diptera species on organic waste or hazardous pollutants. As the waste from the manufacture of footwear, this technology has the potential to be applied to the degradation of sewage sludge or other organic waste contaminants.

(Santos Rojo Velasco, Celeste Pérez Bañón, Ana Isabel Martínez Sánchez, Elena García Gras, Paola Gobbi, Yelitza Velásquez, Nerea Matellanes, Miguel-Ángel Martínez Sánchez, Marcelo Bertazzo)



1- Project designed to provide solutions to the problem of thermal management of electronic systems by using innovative composite materials

The project's central axis is the production of high-tech composite materials designed to solve the problem of thermal control of modern electronic systems. These materials enable the development of the new generation of electronic components, currently limited by the high temperatures during the operation acquired. The applicability of these materials covers a wide range of options among which we find those intended for power generation, fuel-efficient vehicles, electronic components, optoelectronics and power electronics of all kinds. (José Miguel Molina Jordá, Richard José Prieto Alfonzo, Javier Narciso Romero, Enrique Louis Cereceda)


2-Nanoshapes. Preparation of metal nanoparticles with controlled form


The aim of NANOSHAPES is the development and marketing of metal nanoparticles with well-defined forms for use in chemical (mainly catalyst) and medicine. These nanoparticles are capable of improving efficiency in many applications of nanoparticles without shapes defined either by an increase of activity, selectivity or other changes in the properties thereof. Therefore, the Project NANOSHAPES brings new solutions and nanotechnology products to sectors, companies and groups or research centers related to the chemical industry and medicine. (Enrique Herrero Rodríguez, Francisco José Vidal Iglesias, José Solla Gullón, Antonio Aldaz Riera, Vicente Montiel Leguey)


3- Performance and Analysis Sports Lab (KineticLab)

KineticLab born to be a reference centre for analysis and support to national and international teams, athletes and people in general, who, by their nature of practitioners of physical activity require counseling and complement an interdisciplinary centre for performing an improvement, prevention and improved technology to guide and support their daily work in a scientific and systematic way. Also, KineticLab offers advice and effective management of resources to individuals, companies, institutions and groups whose interest is centered in the field of health, physical activity, sport and sport planning.


(José Antonio Pérez Turpin, Juan José Chinchilla Mira, Eliseo Andreu Cabrera, Concepción Suárez Llorca, Marcelo A. Jove Tossi)


4- Gas to Materials Technologies (G2MTech)

Gas to Materials Tecnologies S.L. (G2MTech) is a spin-off from the University of Alicante that originates in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and was incorporated in June 2011. Its aim is to design, build and market analysis automatic chemisorption and physical adsorption for the study of adsorbents and catalysts, with static and dynamic methods. These systems are high precision equipment specialist working with ultra-pure gases, high vacuum systems, flow control systems and high precision measurement of pressure and temperature with the latest technologies available. Its main customers are research institutes, universities and companies in which they perform both quality control and R & D in the area of adsorption and catalysis.

es una spin-off de la Universidad de Alicante que se origina en el Departamento de Química Inorgánica y que fue constituida en junio de 2011. Su objetivo es diseñar, construir y comercializar sistemas automáticos de análisis de adsorción química y adsorción física, para el estudio de materiales adsorbentes y catalizadores, con métodos estáticos y dinámicos. Estos sistemas son equipos de alta precisión especializados que trabajan con gases ultra puros, sistemas de alto vacío, sistemas de control de caudales de alta precisión y medición de presión y temperatura con las últimas tecnologías disponibles. Sus principales clientes serán centros de investigación, universidades y empresas en las que se realice tanto control de calidad como I+D+i en el área de la adsorción y de la catálisis.




Componentes del Jurado:


- Manuel Palomar Sanz, vicerrector de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación


- Carlos Castillo Márquez, concejal de Empleo del Ayuntamiento de Alicante

- Iván Sempere Massa, presidente de Fundeun

- Rosana Perán Bazán, presidenta de la Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios del Calzado


- Ana Echeveste Tellería, directora del Servicio de Gestión de la Investigación y Transferencia de Tecnología.

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