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CNSE Foundation awards an Honorary Research Prize to University of Alicante's lecturer Irma Mª Muñoz Baell


Alicante, 21st March 2012

This research work identifies the educational needs faced by deaf children in Spain

The CNSE Foundation for the Suppression of Communication Barriers, in collaboration with Universia, has awarded an Honorary Research Prize to lecturer at the University of Alicante Irma M ª Muñoz Baell and her research team for their work "Invirtiendo en salud. Bases para un estudio benchmarking de la educación de los/as niños/as sordos/as en España" (Investing in health. basis for a benchmarking study of the education of children in Spain).

This study, funded mostly by the Health Research Fund of the Spanish Health Ministry, has laid the foundations of the current initiative on Healthy and Inclusive Schools for Deaf Children". The main objective of this initiative is to generate and disseminate strategic information to help better understand the educational needs of deaf children, facilitating a shift towards a healthier education, inclusive and equitable. In the study, conducted between 1999 and 2010, involving 275 deaf and hearing experts of national and international level.

The research team of this work consists of three professors at the University of Alicante, Irma María Muñoz Baell, Carlos Álvarez-Dardet Díaz and Mª Teresa Ruiz Cantero and three professional from the CNSE Foundation, Emilio Ferreiro Lago, Mª Luz Esteban Saiz and Eva Fernández Aroca.

The event was chaired by the Princess of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz and attended by the Secretary of State for Social Services and Gender Equality, Juan Manuel Moreno, Chairwoman of CNSE Foundation, Concha Diaz, and various representatives from culture, education, politics and disability scopes.

With these awards, the CNSE Foundation seeks to recognize the work of those public and private organizations whose history is linked to the support of initiatives for accessibility to information and communication for deaf people and their families, while promoting the production of innovative research work on the Spanish sign language to encourage their social integration in our country .


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