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From administrative assistant at the University of Alicante to a media phenomenon




Alicante, 23rd May 2012

She has been in the top downloads on Amazon for more than one hundred days, ahead of authors such as Ken Follett, Matilde Asensi, and Patrick Rothfuss. Eva García Sáenz de Urturi has gone from working as an administrative assistant for loans at the University of Alicante's Main Library to become a mass phenomenon capable of receiving over 200 emails a day about what has been her  first novel: La saga de los longevos, the printed version will go on the market on 24th May by La esfera de los Libros

Eva Garcia, who apart from working and writing, has two young children (aged 4 and 6) says that she has felt "a bit overwhelmed" because "it means a lot of work to add to the day-to-day". And the the whole phenomenon has taken off thanks to the Internet and the use of social networks, an area in which she confesses herself to be completely a "self-taught person". The key to success, however, was not entirely by chance. The process to reach the top of sales has lasted three years in which the author has handled a bibliography of over three hundred volumes of works related to the subject, and has visited each and every one of the places that sets her novel. Eva, who studied Optics, has participated in the recent years in several online workshops on novel writing at the School of Writers in Barcelona and Madrid.


The novel goes on sale tomorrow, 24th May, in all the libraries in Spain with a record first edition of 10,000 copies, a figure that had not been reached before a novice author. And from that time, her shooting agenda: Friday, 25th May, she present(s) her work at the opening of the Madrid Book Fair and in the evening, there is an event for bloggers who have supported the novel. And from there on, her agenda goes on for more than a dozen scheduled interviews, presentations and booksignings in Vitoria, Santander, Valencia and, of course, in Alicante. Also, her entrepreneurial spirit will take her to participate in the First National Conference on Multitasking Motherhood with a conference on digital entrepreneurship.



The rave reviews from readers are constant and she has currently over 2,300 followers on Twitter, 1,300 friends and fans on Facebook, about fifty blogs on literary reviews echoing the novel and more than 284,000 entries in Google's search engine.


In Alicante, the author will present and sign copies of La saga de los longevos on 1st June, at 7.30 pm, at La casa del libro of Alicante. On 15th June, at 7 pm, it will be at Fnac book store and on 30th July, 7 pm, the presentation will be at the Corte Inglés of Alicante.



Synopsis of the novel

"La saga de los longevos" is a family saga with some historical tones, set in the Archaeological Museum of Santander in 2012. A new revision of the myth of the immortals, raised from an unusual point of view: is it possible, in the light of current science, that someone does not grow old beyond the age of 30?


"La saga de los longevos" is an addictive cocktail of archeology and historic flashbacks, —prehistory, Celts, Scythians, the rebellion of Boudicca, the Battle of Kinsale, the Happy 20s— anti-aging research along the lines of the latest scientific theories —antioxidants, telomeres, resveratrol— and a powerful love story written from two perspectives: the fresh voice of Adriana, an archaeologist of 32 years old, and the leisurely tone of Iago, an enigmatic man who looks 35 despite being born in Prehistory.


Iago del Castillo, a 10,300-year-old charismatic man in charge of the Archaeological Museum of Cantabria, is dragged against his will, to conduct genetic research: his brothers Nagorno —a conflicted Scythian of nearly 3,000 years old — and Lyra —an elusive Celtic woman of 2,500 years old— tired of burying their ephemeral families for centuries, are obsessed with identifying their rare mutation and have long-lived children.


Adriana, a young and determined prehistorian, returns to her native Santander, hired by the Museum, ready to clarify the strange suicide of her mother, the head psychologist of the Cantabrian high society, which happened fifteen years ago.


Iago and Adriana hit from the very first moment they met, although an intense attraction that both try to ignore emerges between them. They do not imagine that their past determines their fate. When they come to discover the harsh reality and react, the consequences of their actions leave them scarred forever.


Biography of the author

Eva García Sáenz de Urturi was born in Vitoria in 1972 and has lived in Alicante since she was fifteen years old. She graduated in Optics & Optometry and for a decade she held several managing positions in the optical sector, being the Regional Director of Carrefour's Optician's. He now works at the University of Alicante, besides giving lectures and courses in social networks. Married with two young children, spent three years documented every night and write his first novel, La saga de los longevos.


After waiting for a response from publishers, she decided to self-publish her novel on Amazon, the world's largest online bookstore. She designed her own cover, designed the website and launched her own novel on the Internet.


Without any more help than from the readers themselves that excitedly recommend it, La saga de los longevos has quickly become a literary phenomenon in social networks, and a case study to overcome sales by traditional bestsellers.




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