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International researchers have deciphered 2,000 years of social organizations from the archaeological remains at the UA


Alicante, 29th May 2012

Archaeological remains can be sources of information to approach social organization and domestic structures that have existed in every society. This is verified by studies conducted by international researchers who, on Wednesday, 30th May and Thursday, 31st May 2012, meet at the International Conference titled "From domestic structure to social space. Archaeological readings on the social use of space". Organized by the University of Alicante's Department of Pre-History, Archaeology, Ancient History, Greek & Latin Studies, the International Conference is intended to go beyond the mere description of archaeological remains and tries to approach to social organization from the archaeological research itself.

The meeting, at the Faculty of Arts' Auditorium, gathered international researchers from the Western Mediterranean engaged to domestic spaces and ways of living in different periods of history, to try to understand the lifestyle of each society, how families are structured and their domestic lines, and all over 2,000 years, ranging from Early History, Ancient History, the Middle Ages until the Islamic Era. This has led experts to meet to discuss and seek common research methodologies to all ages, discuss common problems in each of the periods, how the emergence of power is of some families over the others.

The seminar is part of the lines of the Research Group Historical on Archaeology and Heritage within the framework of the Research Project on Archaeological Reading of the Social Use of Space. Cross-sectional Analysis of the Early History to Middle Ages in the Western Mediterranean.

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