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Mario Picazo and Manuel Toharia will participate in Seminars of the UA Faculty of Arts

Alicante, 4th November 2011

The University of Alicante's Faculty of Arts has scheduled two intense days, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November  2011, to celebrate the Faculty's Open Day "Som de Lletres!" (We're doing a BA)

Mario Picazo, a known geographer and director of Atmosférica, Productos Meteorológicos, will be at the Aula Magna of Philosophy and Letters, and he will give the lecture "Climas extremos de la tierra: un reto para el ser humano" (Extreme Weather on Earth: a Challenge for the Human Being), from 10.30 am. The SER will perform the programme "Hoy por hoy", Alicante edition, from 12 noon to 2 pm and in the same space.

Manuel Toharia, science writer and scientific director of the Museum of Sciences Príncipe Felipe of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, will speak at the Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Arts, attended by the Vice President for Academic Organization, Jesus Pradells Nadal. It will be held at the UA Auditorium, at 6 pm on Friday, 11th November.

Cultural activities come together at the opening of the photographic exhibition “Som de Lletres” which will be on Thursday, 10th November,  at 11.45 am, at the Hall of the Faculty of Geography and History. During the afternoon, the students of the Faculty will offer the 2nd Poetry Reading Ginegra,  in memory of Pedro Recio. The theatre drama “Contra el progrés” (Against Progress) by the company Teatre al Detall -included in the 19th Contemporary Theatre Authors Festival- will complete the activities of the day.

On Friday, 11th November, the activities will be focussed on the lecture series "La acción social enfocada a la mujer" (Social action aimed at women", organized by the Faculty of Arts' Women's Rights Observatory. The event is a tribute to Pilar Castillo, first councilor for Social Welfare, the first to open houses for women suffering domestic violence and assists prostitutes. Isabel Diaz, academic secretary, and Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga, Dean for Equality Policies of the Faculty, will present the Women's Rights Observatory. Maria del Carmen Cortés Sempere, Bachelor of Humanities and social worker at the Town Hall of Alicante, will give the lecture "El maltrato. Una mirada desde las herramientas de prevención" (Domestic Violence. A view from the tools of prevention), Isabel González Mesa, Bachelor of Information Sciences, lecturer at the UMH and representative of "Dones i comunicació" (Women and Communication) will speak of “Palabras y actos: la función social del Periodismo” (Words and actions: social function of journalism) and the Area Director for Justice and Social Welfare of the Region of Valencia, Lucia Hernandez Ceron, who will deliver the lecture “Observatorio de publicidad no sexista en la Comunidad Valenciana” (Observatory for Non-sexist Advertising in the Region of Valencia).


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