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The Journal of Teacher Education Magisterio awards lecturer Eliseo Andreu Cabrera, from the Faculty of Education


Alicante, 9th November 2011

Lecturer of the Body Language Education Area, at the University of Alicante's  Faculty  of Education and Director of the Primary Education School Pedro Duque of Alicante, Andreu Eliseo Cabrera has won the National Award Magisterio, awarded by the prestigious Teacher Education Journal Magisterio to the Best Education Professional 2011. The award was granted to Dr. Andreu Cabrera for his demonstration on how the school community -through the pursuit of leadership, educational marketing and management- can turn around a school and its social consideration.
Since 2001, when he joined the Primary School Pedro Duque, the UA lecturer Eliseo Andreu has made a continuous and intense effort to transform the centre, which now has reached the number of of 620 students compared to the 70 it had ten years ago and its infrastructure has been increased to 12,000 square meters. In order to meet the goal of changing the image of the school, first, they repalced the name of the School by Pedro Duque. On the other hand, with the need of adequate facilities, the school was included in the 2005 Creaescola Plan, with an endowment of six million euro budget from the Regional Ministry of Education. Also, educational marketing actions have been taken from the School so that to gain social presence in the Media as a positive claim. Examples of this actions include activities such as ecological hiking in Tabarca or the creation, along with the UA Higher Polytechnic College, of the Engineering Club, within the School.

Prizes will be awarded in the ceremony that will take place on 17th November at 7.30 pm, at the Rafael del Pino Foundation in Madrid.


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