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The UA President, appointed doctor honoris causa by the State University of Moldova


Alicante, 4th October 2011

The University Alicante's President, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the State University of Moldova, in recognition of the close relationship developed between both universities over recent years. The University of Alicante began its relationship with Moldova State University 14 years ago with the launch of the TEMPUS programme, "driven by its strong international vocation and a strong European vocation", as stated by the UA President in his speech.

Gheorghe Ciocanu, President of the Moldova State University, received the delegation from the UA in Moldova last weekend, amongst whom the Vice President for Academic Organization, Jesus Pradells, the Social Council Secretary and responsible for the project with the University of Moldova, Luis Ramos and the Director of the UNiversity Venue in Alicante city, Catherine Illescu were included.

Since 1996 and under the responsibility of Luis Ramos Gutierrez, over 10 projects on different themes have been launched in Moldova, among which we find the promotion of administrative modernization in different areas (such as in the economic and financial management), on-line training for the refreshment of teachers, the creation of networks for the promotion of the Bologna process, the promotion of information and communication technology in Moldovan schools or creating a centre for inclusive education.

These projects have benefited from the participation of six European Union countries, the 6 Moldovan universities and 3 Ministries of the Republic of Moldova. This collaboration has led to the development of 45 educational materials and guide lines, the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and round tables and the creation of three centres for the advancement in educational management, the promotion of the Bologna Process and the development of inclusive education.

Raneda expressly recognized the work of all those who launched this partnership and have worked on these projects "before I was the President and while I've been", he said. Thus, the UA President expressly thanked the work of Luis Ramos, as the main promoter and director of the projects and the involvement of Rafael Carrillo, Juan Manuel Aparicio and Roberto Escarré.




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