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The UA Venue in the City of Alicante celebrated its 10th anniversary surrounded by friends and supporters


Alicante, 20th October 2011

Consolidated as a meeting place between academia and citizenship

A moving, funny, assertive and relaxed event -and in a friendly tone that so much characterizes its staff- was held at the UA Venue in the City of Alicante to pay tribute to those who have contributed to complete 10 years of existance and become "the cultural meeting point with the highest volume of activity in the city of Alicante," according to what attendees stated. Participants included scholars who launched the Venue and who have made that, as the Vice President Jesus Pradells said "rather than a Venue, it has become the House of Alicante".

Artists such as Eduardo Lastres, journalists and broadcasters, as Mariano Sánchez Soler and Vicente Hipólito, poets, representatives of several groups such as Casa Chile, Decide-T, the Feminist Observatory, the Youth Council, or La Cívica, to name a few, participated in this act under the heading "Y tú, ¿Qué recuerdas de la sede?" (And you, what do you remember about the venue?), together "with the real protagonists, who are users, the public who make this miracle possible", says the present Vice President for Extracurricular Activities, Josefina Bueno. 

From a newly restored building in the days of the University President Andrés Pedreño, Concha Bru, Head of the Permanent University -and at that time one of the first inhabitants of the building- recalled "the decline of the area" and how it has now become "a cultural landmark of the city." Bru insisted "on the generosity of the University of Alicante" that, apart from its rich and varied programming and so appropriate facilities, "it gifts us with the highest-quality human resources".

The Venue was created with the tandem work of José Carlos Rovira, as the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities and Manuel Alcaraz, the first Director. Alcaraz, who began his speech by recalling "those who do not come back", Adrián López and José Antonio Martínez Bernicola, said that the starting up was a bet "for a model of public place" that by the eight p.m receives visitors from all profiles to "see what is now on at the Venue". The model took hold immediately becoming "the meeting place for all social groups that carried out an interesting activity", said Jose Carlos Rovira.

The history of the Venue continued with the tandem work of Jesús Pradells and Emilio Soler, with whom definitely consolidated the principles of participation, freedom of expression and thought, "lodestar of this office," according to Pradells. Soler claimed the role of the venue "at a delicate moment financially," and stressed the need for a "self-tribute", for deserved, for having become first-class cultural center and because it is really a tribute to all citizens".  "We must push for the Venue to continue its trajectory," said Emilio Soler, who also insisted on the "splendid team it has, who do not know about schedules but of imagination, courage and willingness to work."

Visibly moved, Catalina Iliescu gave an overview of the activities that were born with Venue and are now a benchmark in Alicante, as the reading of the Constitution, the Maisonnave Award, the tribute to Miguel Hernández "and so many series and activities raised under its auspices", as well as of the people who in one way or another have helped make the Venue as it is.

The event was attended by the Italian-Canadian pianist Fabio Miano, who was in charge of playing music to a selection of images on the history of the Venue.



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