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The University of Alicante is awarded the status of Campus of International Excellence with CAMPUSHABITAT5U


Alicante, 21st October 2011

The five University Presidents will assert that this mention will make the Valencian universities the centre of a new corridor of knowledge in the Mediterranean area

The University Presidents of the five public universities of Valencia (Esteban Morcillo, of the University of Valencia, General Study, Juan Juliá, of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda of the University of Alicante, Vicent Climent, of the University Jaume I of Castellón, and Jesus Pastor, University Miguel Hernández of Elche) have met with the Chairman of the Regional Government of Valencia, Alberto Fabra, to analyze the results of the call 2011 Campus of International Excellence Programme that today the Ministry of Education will make public and in which the joint project CAMPUSHABITAT5U has been selected.

The President of Regional Government of Valencia and the University Presidents have assessed very positively the granting of this new merit for the public universities of Valencia and noted that it is the only one given to a project submitted by all public universities in the same university system, which places the Valencian system as an example of coordination all over the country.

The University Presidents have stressed the potential of Valencian universities to convert the Region of Valencia into a centre of international reference from the academic and scientific standpoint in the area of habitat and territory, and capable of generating a new process for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In this sense, they consider this award of Campus of International Excellence for the Valencian universities, in particular the CAMPUSHABITAT5U Project, the centre of a new corridor of knowledge in the Mediterranean area, which will strengthen with its research and training for the Mediterranean Railway corridor, an infrastructure recently approved as a priority by the European Union.

In support of this proposal, the large numbers and strengths of the Valencian Public University System (SUPV) have been released, which currently has an offer of 224 programmes specialized in habitat and territory (63 undergraduate programmes, 95 master's programmes and 66 doctoral programmes), and a total of 50,000 undergraduate students and 5,500 of master's and doctoral programmes, of which 1,100 are foreigners. During the presentation, the importance of research and technology transfer in this field has also been highlighted, with 97 groups for research and development (R&D), 39 university institutes, 3 mixed centres with the Higher Council for Scientific Research, 8 technological institutes and 36 chairs for business activities.

The CAMPUSHABITAT5U Project has the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Higher Council for Scientific Research, Technological Institutes Network of the Region of Valencia (REDIT) of large companies and business clusters in the sector of habitat and territory, and of institutions and municipalities in the four major cities of Valencia (Alicante, Elche, Valencia and Castellón). 

The project, which has been presented under the motto "Unimos excelencia. Mejoramos el hábitat. Reactivamos el bienestar" (We bring excellence, improve habitat, reactivate welfare), is built on four major areas of action: land planning and management, building, home and social space. In the field of land planning and management, the aims is focussed at promoting regional economic competitiveness through the rational use of resources and the preservation of environmental and landscape values. With regard to building, they intend to innovate and optimize the resources available and the preservation of the environment. As for the home approach, the project focuses on the generation of innovative, healthy and flexible areas. Finally, the project focuses on the field of space to improve social cohesion and the living conditions of rural and urban population. The ultimate goal is, among others, to promote a process of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Region of Valencia, and to establish itself as an international academic and scientific reference centre in the European Mediterranean Arc.




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