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The UA President and the the Regional Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Environment has inaugurated the underpass connecting the Campus with the enlargement area


Alicante, 26th September 2011

The Campus of the University of Alicante is now officially connected to the expansion area on the other side of the A-77 motorway, through the underpass that has been opened this morning by the University of Alicante's President, Ignacio Jiménez Raneda, and the Regional Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment, Isabel Bonig

The event was attended by numerous officials among whom we found the President of the Alicante Provincial Government and also mayor of San Vicente del Raspeig, Luisa Pastor, the Alicante City Councilor for Urban Planning, Marta Garcia Romeu and a broad representation of both the UA Governing Board and the business sector.

After the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, the UA President and the Councillor went to the bottom step of the underpass along with the delegation, where Vicente Dómine, Regional Government's Director-General for Public Works, Urban Projects and Housing, has given a brief explanation of the development of the work, of which, he has highlighted, among other virtues, its fully integrated landscape treatment on the Campus, the access ramp with a 2% slope, which allows passersby an easy access and serves as the gateway providing continuity to the bike lane.

The University President, said that the inauguration of the underpass "symbolizes the breaking of the architectural barriers that were with the highway that divided the campus into two parts. With the new underpass, the sense of separateness disappears and we see a new campus expanded, larger and more connected".

For her part, the Councillor wanted to congratulate the University of Alicante in this first visit to Campus because, in her words, "I have been pleasantly amazed by the work of this University Council & Administration and stunned by the spectacular facilities of this campus". Similarly, she highlighted the design of the new underpass and said that "it is a perfect example of good planning". The cost of the work has risen, according to Bonig, a total of €4,300,000.

Vicente Montiel, UA Vice President for Infrastructure, Space and the Environmen, has assured -at the end of the ceremony- that from the 1st of October, the underpass will be used by bicycles, official vehicles of technical services and shuttle buses that connects the RENFE train halt to the Campus, significantly shortening the time of connection.




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