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The University of Alicante and Telefónica collaborate in promoting cardioprotection in the province


Alicante, 12 September 2012

Thanks to an agreement signed on 12th Sept.

The University of Alicante and Telefónica signed an agreement in the President's office of rector, a partnership which aims to generalize the implementation of a Cardioprotection Integrated Service in companies and institutions of the province of Alicante. This initiative, which forms part of a project that is to rush across the national territory, is intended to combat sudden cardiac death, a condition that can be reversed only if a defibrillator is near and the required skills essential ready for their management and application.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Regional Director of Telefónica, Javier Pérez Castro, and Sergio fernández, José Manuel del Arco y Jesús Cerezo, also representatives of the company. On the part of the UA have, its President, Manuel Palomar, the Registrar, Aránzazu Calzada, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ana Laguna and other members of the dean's team.

In Spain, sudden cardiac death produces 25,000 deaths annually. With this agreement, both the UA and Telefónica, confirms that they will substantially improve survival rates. Therefore, we have to provide the campus with full  cardioprotection v, the first of its kind to be installed in the province. Lecturers and instructors of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Alicante will provide specific training courses that will show how to use this type of defibrillators to nonmedical personnel, according to the regulations established by Decree 220/2007, of 2nd November.

With this agreement, the University of Alicante and Telefónica, through Public Telecommunications, intend to transfer the benefits of telecommunications to all THE areas of daily life.

The cardiac rescue towers

The cardiac rescue towers owned by Telefónica Telecomunicaciones Públicas will be monitored by the management of Telefónica, who is responsible for them, once the local alarm system is activated, allowing the call to emergency services. As they arrive, ancillary personnel, which will be formed by the University of Alicante in this subject, will take over the semi-automatic defibrillator, a voice device will indicate the steps.

The unit assesses the state of the victim and, just in case of cardiac arrest, apply electric shock needed to reverse this state. Public Telecommunications Telefónica also undertakes comprehensive maintenance of the devices to be available at all times while the University of Alicante will be responsible for the training, accreditation and reaccreditation staff continued.



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