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The Asian-Pacific Relations Office was established during the academic year 1998-1999, under the name of the Oriental Studies Centre. Ever since, this Office has been designing, organising and teaching courses and thematic workshops on the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, economy and culture for students (as free-elective courses), professionals and those interested in morning and afternoon sessions, as well as Saturdays during the academic year, and intensive courses in July.

Courses Offered

2019-2020 second term courses


Courses with credits transferred, both for new undergraduate degrees and for undergraduate degrees being phased out

Application requirements
  • Be over 16 years old

  • Submit application form (available on application period)

  • Payment of registration fee once the course is confirmed

Requirements to get the certificate of completion
  • Minimum attendance of 80%.

  • a PASS in the final test.

See UA regulations on the validation of Curricular Free-Elective Credits: check regulations
  • A minimum number of students is required in each group for the course to be taught.

  • Under no circumstances should the registration fee be refunded once the course has started.

  • For ECTS credits validation, check the regulations on the Specialisation courses: here .
  • Funding for language courses at the Mobility and International Programmes Office: here .

Global mobility

Do you want to study at non-European universities? 
Non-European mobility is aimed at undergraduate students.