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Universidad de Alicante / Universitat d'Alacant

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Campus life

Beyond the campus

An ideal setting

For our architecture

Did you know that some UA buildings have won relevant architecture
awards? Get to know them!

For our green areas

On-campus green area is rich and varied and plays a leading role. We have an
‘Enlightened Forest’, a palm-tree grove and many other species

For our sculptures and tributes

Discover the milestones in our campus and remember our history and famous people. You can either follow our recommended tour or go at your own will!

For our organisation, cleanliness and care ...

We are proud of our Campus and it shows! We keep it impeccable for you to enjoy it

For our accessibility

We are committed to offering inclusive areas to host your academic, professional and personal life

For our suitability for relations and meetings

You can meet students at your faculty or other by having a drink in our social clubs where you will always find healthy set menus

For our commitmment to sustainability

Our campus is managed from the most advanced criteria of energy efficiency, recycling and social commitment.