Documentation required to apply for adjustments

Depending on your group, the following documents must be attached to your application:

FIRST GROUP (adjustments proposed by the Student Support Centre)

  • Students with at least 33% physical, sensory or mental disability: these students must provide a valid certificate from the relevant public bodies as set forth in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013 of 29 November.

   This requirement also applies to Erasmus students with disabilities.

  • Students with specific needs for educational support: these students must provide reports and certificates from the relevant health agencies as proof of their health conditions, whether congenital or developed after birth.

SECOND GROUP (adjustments proposed by the centres)

  • Elite athletes under Decree 13/2006, on elite athletes from the Region of Valencia, or high-performance athletes under Royal Decree 971/2007: these students must provide a copy of the document where their appointment was published. Athletes belonging to the UA Sports Club or representing the UA in regional, Spanish or European championships must provide a certificate from the UA Sports Service, as well as from the relevant sports federation.
  • Students who are victims of gender violence must submit the relevant certificate.
  • Students who are pregnant or in labour, or undertaking an adoption or fostering process, or in charge of children less than three years old or of a dependent relative: these students must provide medical reports, their family record book or a carer certificate.
  • Students studying and working: these students must provide their employment contract and registration in the Social Security, issued not less than three months before the application, and a certificate from the company specifying their working hours.
  • Students acting on behalf of the UA or attending meetings of governing bodies they belong to under Article 175 of the UA Statutes: these students must submit a certificate issued by the body’s secretary as proof of attendance.
  • Students representing the UA in cultural and academic competitions or activities: these students must provide a certificate from the organising body.
  • Students taking part in mobility programmes: the relevant certificates must be issued by the academic tutor.