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Student Support Centre (SSC)

Equal opportunities for students with disabilities


This is aimed at all students of the University of Alicante (UA) with any kind of disability, whether physical, sensorial, psychological or mental or with a chronic disease that affects their studies. This action found in the context of the rights included in article 49 that the Spanish Constitution recognizes for all citizens and the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities that guarantee their inclusion in all the educational stages and their full involvement in social life.


Action Protocol

Key moments in the life of the student

This programme covers the entire academic life of students, from the very moment they enter the University to the moment they finish their studies.

Joining the University

Our focus is to meet the individual needs of the student (whether they are in a latent or expressed state), their abilities and skills, and their previous educational background. This is stated on the proposal for an Individual Action Plan (IAP).


The needs of a student in each academic year are not necessarily the same because circumstances may vary. Students can develop their skills and abilities, expand their social network and so on, therefore we contact them each academic year and propose a review their IAP.

Labour integration

The incorporation into the work life is an important step in the life of any university student, who will be prepared during the development of their studies as this involves the development of some personal skills and awareness of their individual attitudes in addressing challenges. The SSC devotes special attention to equal opportunities in the workplace for students with disabilities, providing technical and vocational guidance, access to continuous training programmes and job databases, as well as support when searching for employment.