University of Alicante regulations on adjustments

What are curriculum adjuImagen de una lupa electrónicastments?

Curriculum adjustments are modifications or adaptations enabling you to access, pursue and make the most of your course. Even minor adjustments will allow you to gain all the professional skills and learn the academic contents you will need in your professional career.

How can I know if I can apply for curriculum adjustments?


There are two groups of students who can apply for adjustments:

The first group is made up of students with at least 33% physical, sensory or mental disability, including Erasmus students. Students with specific needs for educational support are also included in this group.

The second group comprises elite or UA athletes, victims of gender violence, pregnant women or women undertaking an adoption or fostering process, students in charge of a child less than 3 years old or a dependent family member, people whose work hours are incompatible with the classes or students within a mobility programme, among other cases.

For further information, please read Article 2 of the regulations.


How should I apply?

All applications must be submitted via the Student Support app, available on Enlace UACloud CV

Apoyo Estudiantes

Remember you must submit a new application for curriculum adjustments each academic year. Our guide will help you throughout the process:


When is the registration period?

The regular registration period runs throughout the first two weeks of the academic year or semester, but it will remain open for applications submitted by students facing unforeseen circumstances.


What do adjustments involve?

There are two types of adjustments: in the classroom and during tests.

Examples of adjustments in the classroom include adjusting light intensity or sound quality, adapting practical activities or academic contents or even using alternative or supplementary communication systems.

Adjustments during tests, for their part, include extending the time limit available or transcribing them into a different communication system.

For further information, please read the regulations on curriculum adjustments or contact the Student Support Centre.