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X Announcement of Scholarships Foundation Universia Qualify

¿What summons ?

Scholarships that look for to promote the access, the progress and the university international mobility of students condiscapacidad. Foundation Universia will allocate 200.000 euros in scholarships for those students with disability, Spaniards or resident foreigners in Spain, that find enrolled in educations of degree or máster.

¿Which is the deadline?

Until 02 November 2016.

¿Who collaborates?

Bank Santander, American Express, Daimler, BT, Endesa, Hilti, Indra, KPMG, L'Oréal, Northgate, Pfizer, Foundation Repsol and American Express Global Business Travel Spain collaborate like entities participants of this program consolidated of the Foundation.

¿Which type of scholarship can request?

Modalities of application of a scholarship:

*Besides, it keeps the reservation of 10.000 %u20AC for sportsmen with disability ascribed to the Plan ADOP, that are enrolled in university studies.

¿When they will resolve ?

The granting of the scholarships of Mobility will resolve with date end on 7 November 2016 , whereas the remaining modalities will resolve on 2 December 2016 . The Services of Support to the People with Disability of each university will serve of link between the students and Foundation Universia.

Access to the form of registration

More information: www.fundacionuniversia.net/becas-fundacion-universia-capacitas/

You can know to the becados of the past course in this VIDEO.