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Assistive Technology Day

Poster Day on Accessible Technologies and Products of Support UA

It consults all the videos and resources of the event.


The TIC are a key tool in the inclusion of the people with disability in all the fields of the life. The products of support such like readers of screen that use the blind people or systems of listens assisted for people with problems of audition are not an option, turn into a functional characteristic of the person that uses them.

We retreat in the time and do us some simple questions: Before the irruption of the TIC: how it accessed a blind person to the press?, or even it could be autonomous to do the shopping in a supermarket?, or it could ask a taxi a deaf person? Now it can  access to the on-line press, can buy  through the websites of the trades and any person can request a taxi from a *app with his mobile.

It estimates that 80% of the people with disability can access and handle the TIC and in fact this community has turned into usual user and advanced in a lot of cases of the same. Thus they are indispensable and is our obligation loan special attention in the process of digital transformation of the society to avoid the digital barriers, that often are more difficult to perceive that the physical barriers.


When and where


09:30h to 10:00h. Ability Connect: Accessible event.

Pepi Parreño y José María Fernández. Head and Technical Student Support Centre.

10:00h to 11:00h. Products of Support for the visual disability.

Juan Antonio Giménez y Sonia.Area of Tiflotecnology of the ONCE in Alicante.

11:00h to 11:30h. Coffee break.

11:30h to 12:00h. Which is the importance of the technology in the deaf community?

Estefanía Rico. Technician FESORD-CV.

12:00h to 12:30h. The technology and the deafblind people.

Fuensanta Trigueros. Secretary ASOCIDE-CV.

12:30h to 13:00h.  Technical helps for the oral communication.

Mª Angels Hernández. Technician of APANAH.

13:00h to 14:00h. Technological resources for an Education Inclusive.

Domingo Martínez and José María Fernandez. Technical Studen Support Center.

Accessible event

The event will have the following characteristic to guarantee its accessibility:


Admision is free, but you must make registration form.