Emotional intelligence workshop

Poster Practical Workshop of Emotional Intelligence

This workshop has like aim: Know how are and how want to be, learn to manage your impulses, or undo you of your fears, among others.

It offers some stupendous tools, that will help you to surpass the adversities of successful form, to achieve your put and aims, to manage better your interpersonal relations and to take better decisions.

¡We ensure you an experience vivencial really transformative!

Data of the course:

  • Dates: 21 to 22 July
  • Contact: info@ideip.es - Tel 626511885-638825635
  • It enrols: 45%u20AC / 35%u20AC students
  • Schedule: 16 to 20
  • It organises: http://ideip.es/
  • Registration: info@ideip.es - Tel 626511885-638825635