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The youngsters with disability would have to have equality of opportunities in all the context

The Spanish Committee of Representatives of people with disability (CERMI) has published an update to 2016 of his Young report with disability in Spain, realised in 2010 and that served like base to orient the design of diverse political and social interventions, specifically oriented to the young population with disability in our country. As they affirm his authors, the big majority of the youngsters with disability could be so autonomous like the rest of the youngsters, if they gave ones. (Follow reading)



The importance of the psychological intervention in the Multiple Sclerosis-World-wide Day of the EM

On 26 May, it celebrated the World-wide Day of the Multiple Sclerosis, a date promoted in the year 2009 by the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis (MSIF, by his acronyms in English), with the purpose to sensitise to the society on this disorder, share histories and realise campaigns with and for all the affected by the multiple sclerosis. The NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) indicates that the psychological therapies are recommended for people with a wide rank of problems of physical health, such as the multiple sclerosis, since “these patients present a high risk to suffer depression”. Likewise, it affirms, the treatment of the mental health of these people can improve notably his disposal “to follow the medical prescriptions, his participation in the exercises of rehabilitation and his car-cuidar in matter of promotion of the health”.



Studies Epidemiológicos Interuniversity

From the Centre of Psychology Applied CPA of the Autonomous University of Madrid comes realising studies epidemiológicos on the prevalencia in the university population Spaniard of ailments like the cefaleas, bruxismo, use of the cannabis or of excessive worries by the autoimagen corporal, the fear to speak in public, the anxiety in front of the exámenes or the excessive control of the weight, that pursue to analyse the frequency and distribution, among others, with the final aim to offer programs of prevention and treatment adapted to the needs detected, promoting the health in the university community.




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