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Student Support Centre (SSC)

Social Mediation

Who are these actions aimed at?

The actions are aimed at all students of the University of Alicante, who may be in a difficult personal or family situation that can have an impact on their studies and require support to overcome it. The programme offers comprehensive student care, as they require a timely or continued support for personal, family, economic or social issues.


Fields of action

Emergency aid

It is aid in kind (never with money) which are offered to the students so that they can deal with situations related to their studies. They are intended to meet the basic needs of the UA students with unforeseen personal or family  social and/or economic situations that complicates the continuation of their studies.

Social mediation

Students are provided with information, mediation, counselling and technical guidance in order to make the social resources available to them that the University of Alicante and other public or private entities have in this field. At all times, the main purpose is to provide the comprehensive well-being of the person by reducing psychosocial risks and providing specific resources. Also, on the committee that the University of Alicante keeps with the equalisation of opportunities for all students, this area is focused on providing special attention to the group of students coming from other countries that, in their process of integration into our society, may need mediation to promote interculturalism and minimise the uprooting (if any). Thus, also the host society will be favoured because the group of students will be provided with values of coexistence, diversity, contributing to building a supportive and tolerant society to combat xenophobic attitudes.

Solidarity accommodation

It is a "non-conventional" social resource which, on the one hand, prevents or helps situations of solitude of the hosting people, by making their social integration easier and, on the other hand, providing students the opportunity to meet the specific needs of older people, in a situation of functional dependence and/or women with dependants with their human and social potential, while responding to their need of accommodation.

General action protocol

Collaborating organisations

In the field of emergency aid, we cooperate with and have the sponsorship of: