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The internationalisation has converted from does some time in vertebral field for any institution of upper education that precie. The University of Alicante understood this fact from his same creation, betting from this instant for opening to the world like a modern institution, dynamic, integradora and socially responsible. Inside this idea to show a strong international character, definitely has been the area iberoamericana in which more and from before have activated academic relations, generadoras of initiatives that have derived in institutional programs inside the own university.

In accordance with this reality, the Council of Government of the University of Alicante, in his meeting of February of 2016, previous favourable report of the Academic Commission of the Social Council, approved unanimously the creation of the Latin American Campus University of Alicante. Said structure, that has a regulation of internal diet where establish his competitions, as well as the organisational and functional parameters for the development of the same, has by object coordinate, promote and develop any one actions that the university llevar in Latin America in matter of training, serving likewise like knot of connection to activities of investigation, transfer of knowledge, exchange and cooperation, always in frank collaboration with universities and institutions of this geographic field through the corresponding agreements for the fulfillment of his constitutive aim.

The Latin American Campus University of Alicante conceives like a tool of coordination of the competitions conferred inside the structures that already come them exerting (vicerrectorados, faculties, institutes of investigation, etc.), to the time that like a body of institutional connection between the University of Alicante and the universities or institutions iberoamericanas with which that relate .

The training, sensu stricto, is his reason to exist, so much inside the ordination distinguished in the EEES (degree, máster, doctorate), as in own formulas that focalicen on a formative model linked to the institutional strengthening. The promotion of the activity researcher and of the transfer of scientific knowledge is another of his challenges, promoting the creation of International Chairs of Investigation that have by object put in value basic investigation and applied relative to the space iberoamericano, to the time that the possibility to generate a strategy of alliances with some universities iberoamericanas that give place to the establishment of headquarters physical UA in these latitudes. With all this, the Latin American Campus University of Alicante presents like an institutional instrument to attract students, export educational services and widen the value reputacional of our university in Latin America.


José Vicente Cabezuelo Pliego

Director Latin American Campus University of Alicante



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