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The Chair

The Chair Prosegur-UA aims to be a space for debate, reflection and research on the study of management talent in organizations. It will deal with developing training programmes and research activities that contribute to improve the qualification and knowledge on specific subjects related to the corporate culture, new technologies of information and communication, efficiency in the management of human resources and the management of talent as a source of innovation.

The priority and main objective of this project is to undertake the actions and activities aimed at the successful development of the mission:

  • Exchange of information and expertise in the field of its activities between Prosegur and the UA SIRHO research group.
  • Joint development of activities of study and research of specific projects through specific agreements.
  • Organization of forums of contact between scholars, professionals and students and other involved sectors, enabling the exchange of knowledge, experiences and concerns and at the same time improve the image and social reputation of both brands.

The raison d ' être of the Prosegur-au Chair is highlighted both in the content of the Convention, and in the own announcement for its provision. Broadly speaking is none other than the of promoting and encouraging the exchange of information and knowledge between the UA and Prosegur.

Under this philosophy proposed the following general form:

  • Design and delivery of training activities in modality online aimed at personnel of Prosegur, as well as to the Spanish business fabric or speaking in general, on the following subjects: management of talent management, human resource management and management of social networks in the enterprise.
  • Research for the design and implementation of Online corporate universities in international firms linked to public higher education institutions.
  • Sponsorship of the fifth edition of the seminar the Social corporate responsibility in competitive environments: the role of training and human resources in the company.
  • Communication and advertising of the activities of the Chair in the media and especially in social networks.

Chair Prosegur

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