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LAST MINUTE - News published in December 2017

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News published in December 2017
  • Tuesday, 12
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    Course "The European Union and Human Rights " February-March 2018

    The course "The European Union and Human Rights (2nd ed. 2017-2018) will be taught in February-March 2018. This academic year the registration fee is 10 euros. If you are interested, sign up as soon as possible, as the places are limited.

    You can pre-register in the following link, selecting the corresponding course, open from 8th January to 16 February 2018. Then, after receiving an email confirming your registration, you must enroll in the course through UAcloud, following the instructions.

     Here you can see all the course information.

    This course can be validated for both former free-choice credits and new degree credits.

  • Poster EU organisation and operation 17


    Upcoming course "EU: Organization and Functioning " course, free of charge.

    • If you are a Secondary School teacher, or will become one soon, this course is made for you, as it is aimed to facilitate the teaching of the optional subject "The EU: Organization and Functioning" (Order 18/2011, of 1 st April , by the Education Branch of the Valencian Government) to be delivered at the "Bachillerato" stage.
    • If you are a University Graduate in any other field and want to learn more about the European Union, you are more than welcome, because the course provides very useful facts for citizens residing and working within the Union's territory.
    • University graduates that possess the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude.
    • University students of the last courses of any Degree.
    • University graduates in general.

    Programme of the course.

    If you are interested, hurry up! Registration is on a first-come first-served basis. However, if you are only interested in a particular thematic module, you are more than welcome too, since this year the course is offered in conference format. In this case, entrance will be limited to seating capacity.

  • Monday, 11
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    The professors of the CIEE teach on "The European Union in the face of the big political and economic crises: the migratory crisis, financial and the Brexit


    The professors of the CIEE will teach from 5 December 2017 to 6 February 2018, the subject "The European Union in the face of  the big political  and economic crises: the migratory and  financial  crises and the Brexit", included in the plan of studies of the diploma senior 2017/18 of the Permanent University of the University of Alicante.

    The Permanent University of the University of Alicante (UPUA) is a program of scientific, cultural and social development of the University aimed at promoting Science and Culture, at the same time as intergenerational relations, to improve the quality of life of  the elderly and encourage their participation, in their context, as social driving forces. Within the framework of the UPUA program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports and various municipal bodies and private banking entities, university training for seniors is offered in order to respond to the interests and needs of this sector of the population of the Valencian Community.

    The professors of the CIEE, will tackle the following contents, among others, through oral explanations and use of multimedia material:

    1. An introduction to the basic operation of the EU. His institutional system.

    2. The uncertainties on the extensions and exits of the European Union. The Brexit.

    3. The financial and economic crisis in the European Union. The construction of the Banking Union.

    4. The European Union in the face of the international migratory crisis: repercussions for Spain.

    5. The European Union in the face of the big global challenges. Especially, the Union and the climatic change.


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