COnCEPT (Computer Optimization of Chemical Engineering Processes and Technologies)

The research group CONCEPT (Computer OptimizatioN in Chemical Engineering Processes and Technologies) was created at the University of Alicante in the year 2013, as a result of the joint work from some years in fields of synthesis, design and optimization of chemical processes by professors and researchers in the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering in the University of Alicante.

Since its creation, the objective of the research group has been develop systematic methodologies for the design of efficient chemical processes taking simultaneously into account among others, aspects like energy efficiency, security and environmental impact.

Application Areas

  • Energy efficiency, renewable energy, integration of energy in processing plants.
  • Advanced separation sequences based on distillation. Sequences with thermal coupling and simultaneous energy integration. Divided Wall Columns.
  • Hybrid systems of separation (e.g. distillation + vapour membranes)
  • Processes 'flowsheet' design.
  • Discontinuous processes.
  • Planning and scheduling of batch processes.
  • Optimization of the supply chain.
  • Shale gas water treatment and management: ShaleXenvironmenT. A H2020European-funded Research Project No.640979 (2015/18). (CORDIS)


  •  Integration of chemical process simulators with algebraic modeling languages.
  • Numerical modeling analysis and simulation of chemical processes.
  • Systematic methods for the generation of superstructures for chemical processes synthesis.
  • Modeling of problems at different levels of abstraction (from aggregated models to rigorous models with high level of detail).
  • Mathematical programming (optimization) with discrete and continuous variable - MI(N)LP- and generalized disjunctive programming (GDP)
  • Synthesis and design of chemical products and processes.
  • Hybrid models simulation - optimization using in each case the best available model to achieve rigorous and reliable results.
  • Multiobjective optimization, to take into account simultaneously several goals that sometimes can be contradictory.
  • Life Cycle Assessment of products and processes. 

On this page you will find our research lines, our experience and our technological offer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us about any possibility of interaction in the field of design and optimization of chemical processes.


 Research Summaries: