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Applications Master's Degrees

General information

The application for the masters of the University of Alicante can be performed in one or two different periods depending on the chosen master. There are masters that use a two periods calendar, but there are a some masters that use a single period calendar.

In the masters with two periods calendar, you can apply in any period but you have to take into account that once the first period is finished, if there are no vacant places there will be no second period.

In the masters with single period it is mandatory to apply before the end of the period.

So, depending on your master you should use one of the following five (A, B, C, D & E) admission calendars. To know which is the calendar for your master you shall find it in the list of admission calendars for masters.

Required documentation

With your application you must submit the following documentation:

  1. ID Card (Spanish ID card - DNI), foreigner's Identification number (NIE) or passport (all of them: both sides).
  2. Official undergraduate degree certificate giving access to the relevant Master's degree or evidence of having paid the issuing fees for such a degree certificate (*)
  3. Student's academic record (*)
  4. Certain Master's degrees require specific documents, these documents are not stated on the pre-registration form. (**)
  5. If you belong to any of the groups with special admission quota: certificate of belonging to this special admission quota group.

(*) University of Alicante students only need to submit their currently valid ID cards (both sides).

(**) Even though you are required to hold the undergraduate degree giving access to the Master's degree of your choice, you are allowed to submit your pre-registration form without it.

Students with foreign degree

In addition to all the previous documentation, it may be necessary to submit:

  1. Statement of equivalence of GPA (Grade Point Average) for foreign university entry qualifications.
  2. Translation of documents (only in the case of documents not written in Spanish or Valencian/Catalan)
  3. If your degree has not been obtained in a country of the European Space of Upper Education, you will have to present the payment proof of the equivalence report fee ( DOCV 17/08/2016 Annex I, title II, point 3.3 ).

To take into account:


Admission process

The admission process has a detailed calendar with several steps. The process is the same both for single and two period masters, the unique diferencies are the dates.

The different steps of the admission process are the following:

  1. Apply using this web. (Apply here)
    When the application is finished a ticket is generated that you must save. The ticket includes a reference number needed for future steps. Until the application deadline, using the reference number you can modify or even cancel the application. 
  2. Wait for the publication of the applications results.
  3. Once the application results have been published, there are three possible cases:
    1. You have been admitted: you will receive an email with enrollment instructions, and the necessary data to generate your UACloud credentials (the virtual campus of the University of Alicante). Use them to enroll on time.
    2. You have not been admitted because you don't fulfil all the requirements, due to mising documents or any other reason.
      You can lodge an appeal or rectify any defect on your application. (Instructions)
      Once done, you must wait for the appeal decision , and then there are two cases:Admitter
      1. You are admitted: the same as 3.1 point.
      2. Your are not admitted: the unique option is to lodge an appeal.
    3. You have been admitted but inside the waiting list.
      You must wait for the waiting list movement.

The exact dates for each step depend on the admission calendar of your master. In the next paragraphs you have all the calendars.

Which one is the calendar of my master? Find the answer here

Calendar A (2 periods)

Calendar B (2 Periods)

Calendar C (1 Period)

Calendar D (1 Period)

Calendar E (1 Period)


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