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Applications Postgraduate Open Programme


General information

All the information regarding the subjects included in the programme can be located in the Subjects Catalogue.

If you need more academic information regarding a specific subject, you should contact director of the master of the subject.

If you need more information about the Postgradute Open Programme, you can find usefull the list of Frequenly Asked Quenstions. If you still need more information you should contact the University of Alicante Life Long Learning Centre.


Admission process

  1. Application 
    • You should apply between 03/07/2020 and 04/09/2020.
  2. Publication of the applications results
    • On 14/09/2020 will be published the list with the applications results (see below).
  3. Admission
    • If your have been admitted you can enroll between 16/09/2020 and 17/09/2020.
  4. Appeals
    • If your application has not been succsessful you can lodge and appeal between 15/09/2020 and 29/09/2020. Instructions.
    • On 02/10/2020 will be published the appeals decission (see below). If you have been admitted you can enroll between 05/10/2020 and 06/10/2020.


Application Results

Postgraduate Open Programme - Application results
Postgraduate Open Programme - Appeals decission