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FAQs - Postgraduate Open Programme

 General questions

  • What Is the Postgraduate Open Programme?

The Postgraduate Open Programme (PAP) tries to bring the postgraduate formation closer to every university graduate. Giving them the opportunity to design their own curriculum without being forced to enroll in a study.

The programme is composed of a set of subjects from a wide variety of official masters. This programme allows students to enroll in subjects from different masters, configuring a custom-made training, covering students specific necessities.

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  • Who Can Enroll in the Postgraduate Open Programme?

Any university graduate can enroll in the Postgraduate Open Programme.

Foreign students can also enroll if they have a degree allowing the enrollment in a Master Degree in their country. In this last case, it's compulsory to make an equilavence study of the degree.

Students can enroll as long as there are vacant places in the subjects.

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  • Which Subjects are Available?

You can find the complete list of subjects in the  Subjects Catalogue.  You have to take into account that not all the subjects of all the participant masters are included in the Postgraduate Open Programme.

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  • How Many Vacant Places Are There?

Each subject allows a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 places.

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  • How Much it Costs?

Although the subjects of the Postgraduate Open Programme belong to different master degrees, having each master a specific price, the ECTS price of the PAP is unique, corresponding to the higher of the official masters, regulated each year by decree of the Valencian Generalitat.

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  • How Many Subjects Can I Take?

You can enroll in a maximum of 60 ECTS by academic year and aminimum of a single subject. A subject typically lasts 6 ECTS. If you are going to enroll in more than 30 ECTS of subjects of the same master, it's advisable to directly enroll in the master.

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  • Which is the Number of Calls?

You will have the same calls than the Official Master. In the  Subjects Catalogue  you can find the academic calendar.

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  • Which Certificate is Obtained?

At any time you can ask for an academic certificate. In it you will find the name, ECTS, calls and marks of each subject. 

In addition, if you have at least 300 ECTS (including your University Degree and the Postgraduate Open Programme certificate) you will be able to enter a PhD programme.

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  • What Happens if I Fail?

If you fail in any subject you can try again the next year, if and only if the subject is still available in the Postgraduate Open Programme. You should take into account that enrollment fees are higher for second and following registrations.


  • What Happens If I Don't Continue the Next Year?

In the first enrollment your personal record will be created. This record will be active even if you don't enrroll in later courses, this way you are allowed to enroll in a later time.


  • Once admitted, am I enrolled in a Master?

To be enrolled in the Postgraduate Open Programme doesn't mean you are enrolled in your subjects masters. The enrollment requirements of the Postgraduate Open Programme are less restrictive than the ones of the Official Masters.

You will be able to enroll in a Official Master if you fullfill all the master enrollment requirements.


  • What happens if in a later time I enroll in the Official Master?

If you enroll in a Official Master, any already passed subjet belonging to this master will be incorporated in your master record. You will not need to pay any fee for these subjects.


  • How To Apply For The University ID Card (TIU) or Its Renewal

Check this information   here

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  • Is there any kind of grant?

There are no grants for the Postgraduate Open Programme.

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  •     Which are the enrollment requirements?
The enrollment requirements for the Postgraduate Open Programme are:
  1. Hold a Spanish official undergraduate degree issued by any higher education institution included in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
  2. Hold a foreign higher education degree that has previously been officially approved.
  3. Hold a not officially recognised foreign higher education degree issued by a non-EHEA institution (this requires the a previous technical report for an equivalence report of non-officially approved foreign degrees for access to Master's and PhD degrees with not officially recognised foreign qualifications")

In any case, the effective enrollment of the students is conditioned by the masters free vacant places.


IMPORTANT NOTE: the favourable technical report of the equivalence does not imply, in any case, the official recognition of the foreign degree nor does it replace the such recognition.


  •   How To Apply Before You Get The Certificate of Your Entry Qualifications

Yes. Each application period have a deadline for rectifications and the documents that you failed to submit will be accepted.

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  •   What Is The Application Deadline?

Application term is: from 03/07/2020 to 04/09/2020


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  •   How To Apply

Application is done exclusively through the Internet by completing the form available for this purpose.

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  •   How To Know If I Have Been Admitted

The list containing the names of admitted and excluded students as well as, appeal results and students on the waiting list is  here.

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  •   Who Can I Contact To Get Information on Registration Once I Have Been Admitted?

You will be sent an email (to the e-mail address you notified on your application form) with all the information you need for enrollment.

If you need clarification or further information on the registration process, you have to contact UA Life Long Learning Centre secretary's office.

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 Documentation for application

  •   What Are The Documents Required For Application?

With your application you must submit the following documentation:

  1. ID Card (Spanish ID card - DNI), foreigner's Identification number (NIE) or passport (both sides).
  2. Official undergraduate degree certificate giving access to the relevant Master's degree or evidence of having paid the issuing fees for such a degree certificate (*)
  3. Student's academic record (*)

(*) University of Alicante students only need to submit their currently valid ID cards (both sides).

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  •   What Are The Documents Required For Application With Foreign Qualifications?

In addition to all the documentation listed in the  above question,  it may be necessary to submit:

  1. Statement of equivalence  of GPA (Grade Point Average) for foreign university entry qualifications.
  2. Translation of documents (only in the case of documents not written in Spanish or Valencian/Catalan, sworn translations are not required).

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  •   How To Provide Evidence of Your Degree Certificate If You Have Recently Finished Your Studies and Do Not Have It Physically Yet

By means of a provisional degree certificate and,  if it is not available yet, by the proof of having paid the fees thereof.

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  •  GPA (Grade Point Average) Equivalence For Foreign University Qualifications

If you have foreign entry qualifications, you must reckon your grade point average from  this link.

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  •   Can I Still Apply Without Any of the Documents Required?

Yes. Each application period has a deadline for rectifications and the documents that you failed to submit will be accepted. If your master has a two period calendar, you will be able to submit more documents during the second phase period for application submissions.

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  •  How Can I Submit The Documents?

Documents will be exclusively submitted online, attached to the application form. There is a section for each document to be attached and uploaded online. Attachments should not exceed 28 MB.

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 Payments & fees

  •   Payments By Banking Card Through The UACloud

Payment of invoices can de done by banking card through your UACloud (Virtual Campus) profile. If you have any questions, check the  payment instructions.

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  •   How To Pay The Equivalence Report Fee For Previous Foreign Studies?

Students of the Postgraduate Open Programme don't need to pay the fee for the Equivalence Report. If in a later time you try to enroll in a Official Master, the Equivalence Report will be made again, and in this case you will need to pay it.

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  •   Which Are The Enrollment Dates?

Enrollment dates are different for each master. Once your have been admitted you will be notified with the corresponding enrollment dates. We encourage you to read the  next question  to avoid future problems.

If you have any question regarding the enrollment process, you must contact the UA Life Long Learning Centre secretary's office using this  form.

The list of documents you will need to submit for enrollment are detailed in this  link.


  •   I Haven't Done The Enrollment on Time, What Do I Do?

WARNING: If your application has been succsessful and you haven't done the enrollment on time: you have lost your place, there is nothing you can do about it. The vacant place will be available in the extraordinary admission period, if you still want a place you sholud contact the director of the corresponding subject master. 

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  •   Who Can I Contact If I Have Any Questions On The Application Process?

For any academic questions you should contact the director of the corresponding subject master. 

For any questions regarding the application process, you should contact the UA Life Long Learning Centre secretary's office using this  form.

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