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General questions

  •    What Is an Official Master's Degree?

It is an official postgraduate degree implemented under the measures envisaged by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) . An undergraduate degree certificate is required to enter a Master's degree. The purpose of an official Master's degree is to enable students an advanced specialised or multidisciplinary training for their academic and professional career, complemented with some start-up research tasks. Because of their official nature, these degrees are academically valid all over Spain and the European Union.

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  •  What Is The Difference Between an Official Master's Degree and a UA Master's Degree?

An official Master degree the set of regulated postgraduate courses valid throughout the Spanish territory and within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that have passed and prepared in accordance with the regulations in force of the Spanish central governments and its regional departments (Acts, Decrees, Orders), which has been recognised within the framework of the EHEA regulations and agreements.

Holding at least a three-year undergraduate degree is required to access an official Master's degree.

The UA Master's degree undergoes a more flexible and diversified internal regulatory process aimed at offering specific training in tune with the demands of society.

- Its official nature comes from the guarantee of being a degree that has undergone all the regulatory and quality controls of a public university.

- Objective: To offer a more flexible and diversified training aimed at professional and academic specialisation, and knowledge updating according to the demands of life long learning, as defended by the EHEA.

- Access: Holding at least a four-year undergraduate degree is required to access UA Master's degrees In certain cases, a three-year undergraduate degree can be accepted.

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  •  How To Apply For a Place in an Official Master's Degree

 Application for admission in Master's degrees are sorted out through an application procedure .

All the places are offered in the first application phase. The remaining places after allocations in the first phase will be offered in subsequent application phases.
Applications are invited through an online form that must be completed with personal and academic details. The required documents must be attached to the online form as digital files.

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  • Timetables, Classrooms, Starting of Lessons, Study Programme...?

Check courses of your study programme. Access the study programme of each course through the menu "Studies Offered" and click on the official or UA own Master's degree of your interest. Ask the course organiser if you have any questions (contact details are available on section +info of the study programme information sheet).

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  • How To Apply For The University ID Card (TIU) or Its Renewal

Check this information  here

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  •  What Is Required To Be Admitted in a Master's Degree?

Applicants for Master's degrees must:

  1. Hold a Spanish official undergraduate degree issued by any higher education institution included in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) .
  2. Hold a foreign higher education degree that has previously been officially approved.
  3. Hold a not officially recognised foreign higher education degree issued by a non-EHEA institution (this requires the a previous technical report and the payment of an issuing fee for an equivalence report of non-officially approved foreign degrees for access to Master's and PhD degrees with not officially recognised foreign qualifications")

IMPORTANT NOTE: the favourable technical report of the equivalence does not imply, in any case, the official recognition of the foreign degree nor does it replace the such recognition.

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  •  Is There Any Special Admission Quota?

Yes. Each Master's degree has a percentage of 5% (at least one place)  reserved for students with a recognised disability equal as or higher than 33 %.

In the same way, 3 % of the places for each Master's degree (at least one place) are reserved for high-level and high-performance athletes.

Eligibility for any of these two special groups is subject to documentary evidence of belonging to any of these groups. (Applications as either a disabled person or an athlete must include documentation proving that the applicant qualifies as such a person.)

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  •  How To Apply Before You Get The Certificate of Your Entry Qualifications

Yes. Each application period have a deadline for rectifications and the documents that you failed to submit will be accepted.

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  •  What Is The Application Deadline?

Application starts on 10 March.

There are four different admission calendars (1, 2, 3 and 4), to know which is your calendar you need to find your master in the list of admission calendars for masters.

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  •  How To Apply

Application is done exclusively through the Internet by completing the form available for this purpose.

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  •  How To Know If I Have Been Admitted
The results of the admission process personalized by student can be checked here. You will need the reference number obtained in your last application. This reference number is located in the confirmation email of the application.

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  •  Who Can I Contact To Get Information on Registration Once I Have Been Admitted?

You will be sent an email (to the e-mail address you notified on your application form) with all the information you need for enrolment.

If you need clarification or further information on the registration process, you have to contact the centre where your master's degree is managed. Here is the list of Centres responsible for Master's degrees.

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Documentation for application

  •  What Are The Documents Required For Application?

With your application you must submit the following documentation:

  1. ID Card (Spanish ID card - DNI), foreigner's Identification number (NIE) or passport (both sides).
  2. Official undergraduate degree certificate giving access to the relevant Master's degree or evidence of having paid the issuing fees for such a degree certificate (*)
  3. Student's academic record (*)
  4. Certain Master's degrees require specific documents, these documents are not stated on the pre-registration form. (**)
  5. If you belong to any of the groups with special admission quota: certificate of belonging to this special admission quota group.

(*) University of Alicante students only need to submit their currently valid ID cards (both sides).

(**) Even though you are required to hold the undergraduate degree giving access to the Master's degree of your choice, you are allowed to submit your pre-registration form without it.

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  • Which document should I use DNI, NIE or Passport?

Which ID number to use in your application; follow these rules (in order) to avoid later problems:

  1. If you have been student at the UA previously, use the same ID number in your application.
  2. If you have a NIE (or TIE) use it instead of passport.
    1. Passport can't be used for ministry scolarship applications.
    2. You must include both NIE and Passport among the scanned documentation.
  3. If you don't have a NIE (or TIE):
    1. If your country belongs to the European Union: use the passport or the ID card of your country.
    2. In any other case: use the passport.


  •  What Are The Documents Required For Application With Foreign Qualifications?

In addition to all the documentation listed in the above question, it may be necessary to submit:

  1. Statement of equivalence of GPA (Grade Point Average) for foreign university entry qualifications.
  2. Sworn translation of documents (only in the case of documents not written in Spanish or Valencian/Catalan).
  3. If your degree has not been obtained in a country of the European Space of Upper Education, you will have to present the payment proof of the equivalence report fee ( DOCV 17/08/2016 Annex I, title II, point 3.3 ).

To take into account:

  • Some of the Master's Degrees giving access to a regulated job in Spain can request an official approval* of the foreign degree when applying for admission. Check this information on the relevant Master's Degree website before apply.
  • In the FAQ you can find the requeriments that must be met by any foreign document used in the admission process.

 * At the UA, the official approval must be taken into account in the following masters:

  • University Master's Degree in Architecture
  • University Master's Degree in Legal Practice


The list of documents you will need to submit for enrollment are detailed in this link.

For application, authentication of the documentation is not required, an uncertified copy will be enough. But for registration purposes (enrollment), you must submit the documents to the centre where the Master's degree you are applying for is managed, which must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be official and be issued by the competent authorities for this purpose, in accordance with the legal framework of the country in question, as well as officially translated into Spanish.
  • Translations must be done by any diplomatic or consular office of Spain abroad, by any diplomatic or consular office in Spain of the country where the students is a citizen or, if applicable, of the country where the document comes from; or by a registered sworn duly authorised or appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Translations must be authenticated by a diplomatic officer or, if applicable, by a Hague Apostille certificate. This requirement shall not be required for documents issued by the authorities of the European Union member states or signatories to the European Economic Area Agreement.

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  • How To Provide Evidence of Your Degree Certificate If You Have Recently Finished Your Studies and Do Not Have It Physically Yet

By means of a provisional degree certificate and,  if it is not available yet, by the proof of having paid the fees thereof.

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  • GPA (Grade Point Average) Equivalence For Foreign University Qualifications

If you have foreign entry qualifications, you must reckon your grade point average from this link.

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  •  Can I Still Apply Without Any of the Documents Required?

Yes. Each application period has a deadline for rectifications and the documents that you failed to submit will be accepted. If your master has a two period calendar, you will be able to submit more documents during the second phase period for application submissions.

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  • How Can I Submit The Documents?

Documents will be exclusively submitted online, attached to the application form. There is a section for each document to be attached and uploaded online. Attachments should not exceed 28 MB.

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Payments & fees

  • Payments By Banking Card Through The UACloud

Payment of invoices can de done by banking card through your UACloud (Virtual Campus) profile. If you have any questions, check the payment instructions.

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  •  How To Pay The Equivalence Report Fee For Previous Foreign Studies?

If your entry qualifications DO NOT belong to a country member of the  European Higher Education Area (EHEA),  you must pay a fee for an equivalence report to access a Master's degree ( DOCV 17/08/2016 Annex I, chapter II, section 3.3 ). The payment can be done online with a credit card by  clicking here.

The application form contains a link from where you can pay the fee You need to select "Equivalence report of foreign studies for admission to Master's and PhD degrees"

Do not forget to attach the proof of payment along with the application form, otherwise you can't appear in the list of admitted applicants for enrollment.

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  •  Which Are The Enrollment Dates?

Enrollment dates are different for each master. Once your have been admitted you will be notified with the corresponding enrollment dates. We encourage you to read the next question to avoid future problems.

If you have any question regarding the enrollment process, you must contact with the responsible center of your master.

The list of documents you will need to submit for enrollment are detailed in this link.


  •  I Haven't Done The Enrollment on Time, What Do I Do?

WARNING: If your application has been succsessful and you haven't done the enrollment on time: you have lost your place, there is nothing you can do about it. The vacant place will be available in the extraordinary admission period, if you still want a place you sholud contact with the responsible center of your master.


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  •  Can I Lodge An Appeal If I Have Not Been Admitted?

If you consider it appropriate, and once the admission decision is published, to lodge an appeal.  You can also submit any document that you fail to do on your application.


The deadlines for appeal submissions are here.

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  • Deadline Limits

The calculation of deadlines are envisaged on article 48 of Act  30/1992, of 26 November, on the Legal Framework applicable to Public Administrations and the general Administrative Procedures, by virtue of:

1. Provided that by law or European Community legislation is not otherwise expressed, when the deadlines are indicated by days, it is understood that these are working days, excluding Sundays and declared public holidays.

2. When deadlines are expressed in calendar days, this fact must be stated in the corresponding notices.

3. When the last day is a bank holiday, the deadline will be extended up to the next working day.

4. The periods expressed in days shall be counted from the day following the day on which the notification or publication of the event concerned, or from the next one to that in which the constructive approval or constructive rejection occurs.

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Waiting lists

  •  Who Can I Contact To Get Information on Waiting Lists and Available Places?

For information on the waiting lists and their movements, you need to contact the centre responsible for the Master's degree that you have made your application for. Here is the list of Centres responsible for Master's degrees. Dates for waiting list movements dependend on the calendar that uses your master.

Information on the remaining places after the whole application and admission process can be requested to the centre responsible for the relevant Master's degree. Here is the list of Centres responsible for Master's degrees.

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  •  Who Can I Contact If I Have Any Questions On The Application Process?

For any questions on the application process, you can contact the UA Lifelong Learning Centre secretary's office using this form.

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