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Official Master's Degrees

  • Tuition Fees Regulation

DECREE 170/2019, of 2 August, of the Consell, by which are fixed the fees to satisfy the provision of university academic services for the course 2019/2020 (DOCV nº 8607 06/08/2019)

  • Official Approval

The official approval of a foreign university degree to the academic degree of master costs 166,89 €

  • Equivalence Report

The equivalence report of foreign degrees needed for the admission to a doctorate or master degree costs 155,22€

UA Study Programmes

  • Administrative Fees
  • Opening of an academic record: 27,34 €
  • Issuing of an academic record: 27,34 €
  • Attested copy of documents: 10,69 €
  • University ID card (expedition, maintenance or update): 5,87 €
  • Admission exam for Expert studies: 78,20 €
  • Certificates
  • Issuing of a Master Certificate: 212,07€
  • Issuing of a Specialist Certificate: 106,03 €
  • Issuing of an Expert Certificate: 70,69 €
  • Certificate copy: 27,34€
  • Issuing of the academic record when surpassing the number of credits constituted by a module inside an UA own Study: 27,34 €.
  • Academic fees

You should take a look at the catalogue to locate the web sheet of your study, there you will find the fees.

  • Minimum Credit Price

The minimum credit price for the UA Own Studies during the course 2019/20 is: 53€/credit.

Specialisation Courses

  • Academic Fees

Academic fees can be found in the courses lists .

  • Certificates / Diplomas

All the certificates and diplomas must be requested directly through UA-Cloud . You need to go to: e-Administracion - Trámites - Academicos - Certificados de cursos de especialización.

NOTE : You can only use UA-Cloud for courses 2014-15 and on. For previous courses you will need to request it in the Life Long Learning Centre secretary. (+Information)