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How to Lodge an Appeal


Step 1: Applications System log-in

You should go to the APPLICATIONS SYSTEM. You will be presented with the screen below these lines in which you should enter your ID and the reference number of your application.



Step 2: Check the status of your applications

Once inside, you can check your applications status. If the application is negative, you will see the reasons and there will be a button (Proceso de reclamación) to lodge an appeal.



Step 3: Lodge an appeal

Once the button 'Proceso de reclamación' is pressed the following screen will appear, in which you should write in the textbox the reasoning of your appeal. Then push the 'Iniciar la Reclamación' button to lodge the appeal. Once closed this form, in the next screen you will be able to attach any new needed documentation

NOTICE: If you lodge more than one appeal, only the text of the last appeal will be stored.