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Master Applications - Calendar 4

Admission process - Calendar 4

  1. Application 
    • You should apply between 10/03/2020 and 30/06/2020.
  2. Publication of the applications results
  3. Appeals
    • If your application has not been succsessful you can lodge and appeal between 08/07/2020 and 21/07/2020. Instructions.
    • On 30/07/2020 will be published the appeals decission.
  4. Admission
    • If your have been admitted you can enroll between 30/07/2020 and 03/08/2020 .
  5. Waiting lists movements
    • The waiting lists movements will take place between 01/09/2020 and 30/09/2020.

NOTICE:  Once the admission process is finished, if there is any vacant places there will be an  extraordinary admission period: 


Master list - Calendar 4

Your master is not listed?

Then it uses a different application calendar. To know which one, look for it in the list of admission calendars for masters.