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Universidad de Alicante / Universitat d'Alacant

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The University of Alicante, in the field of international cooperation, is committed to supporting actions that promote sustainable development, as well as the social, cultural and institutional progress of less favoured countries, promoting their internal development aimed at eliminating the causes of poverty, promoting social justice, respect for human rights and the strengthening of institutions that ensure the consolidation of democracy and respect for the environment.


University Volunteering Programme

The University of Alicante assumes its leading role in the processes of human development through experience and practice aimed at building a fairer and more participatory society.

University Cooperation for Development

The University of Alicante is committed to structuring a model of University Cooperation for Development based on principles and values to be shared transversely throughout all university activities.

Havana Project

The University of Alicante, through the "Havana Project" performs different academic and research programmes with several Cuban institutions of higher education and humanitarian activities jointly with the Havana Office of the City Historian. Also, it encourages the promotion of equality between men and women and promotes the inclusion of a gender perspective in the actions to be taken.

Humanitarian University

The University of Alicante supports humanitarian actions with the disadvantaged as established in its Strategic Plan for Internationalisation. Our University performs this mission by implementing measures and conducting activities to help the most vulnerable human groups.